Obama to Start World War 3 in Ukraine


In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Obama’s war in Ukraine and the threat of WW3 .


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  1. There is no bigger dumbass than C. Greene on this planet!  It was Obama….now, without a doubt, it's greene…..his parents HAD TO have been coke heads.
    See kids…..this video demonstrates what drugs can do to you!!

  2. Keira Dudley says:

    When did ww1 started, finished
    Thank you

  3. Sing it buddy!!! Let it roll, love your style!!

  4. Jim Kras says:

    You lose credit when you start mocking any human… You do not have to agree with the President. You can even resist him politically, but calling Obama a "scum bag" doesn't prove any point, in fact it discredits you (even though it is ur right to call anyone any name).

  5. allah son says:

    The country amerikkka ?destroyed ?how when ?they've got no fuel? Hahagaha

  6. norka dyrne says:

    this guy is so fucking stupi, a years after this video and he is wrong all the way. You are the fucking scumbag man you must be so frustrated

  7. I see you have no answer too Natalia question. Just like liberal to run an hide when a real question is ask

  8. putin does not need obamas help to start ww3 from Ukraine.
    Because putin has real bad napoleon syndrome.

  9. This guy is a joke

  10. you didnt have to mention jay-z and beounce ass hole and tell people the truth arab spring africom spectrum of dominance is pentagons agenda planed way before obama idot..

  11. you i usa have to much guns. not all of you bute many have. you dont need a flamethrower to deafend you.

  12. Hey, dumbass. How is World War III holding up? 

  13. Lord_Trumoo says:

    "Obama, the crack whore he is…" Lol damn

  14. Rule2575 says:

    God this is Russian propaganda. So Putin invades ukraine and its OBAMAS FAULT? WTF is this +amtv

  15. this dud needs mental help , plz sum one help him..!!!

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