Obama Welcomes 10,000th Syrian Refugee To America


The 10000th Syrian refugee has made it to the staes, and many conservatives are not happy about it. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.


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  1. They better behalf themselves!

  2. John Willett says:

    maybe we should just let the women and children in, the anti-Muslims probably won't lynch them(I hope) and if they do then the right won't defend the grotesque acts(I hope)

  3. Lain says:

    Why american liberals don't accept south american refugees too? We are also poor and live in danger, we deserve better.

  4. Scarlet Moon says:

    Islam is a stone aged right wing conservative ideology that suppresses women, throws gays off buildings, threatens death & violence, kills nonbelievers, and refuses to adapt to modern western values when moving to our countries. I find it laughable that what constitutes as modern liberals blindly look past all that because "They're disliked". Gee I wonder why they're disliked… "oh but #notall", tell that to the thousands of tweets, comments and posts all over the internet by "regular muslims" threatening and hoping for the death of anyone who say anything bad about their extremist hate filled death cult, and still expect the western world to accept them. You can't support women's rights and LGBT while also accepting Islam. They can't coexist. I'd rather protect my right to be a left wing pony clopping gay fruitbowl over that shit any day.

  5. Big J says:

    I knew I smelled something….

  6. Big J says:

    How many are on welfare?

  7. OneEyeWinky says:

    if you care some much about the refugees why not invite some to stay at your home or immigrants in general

  8. hey refugees. just contact TYT and they will give you everything that you need. they love you so much that you can stay at their house. they will give you a car and money ,clothing and food. all you have to do is make it to their house and they will make it all ok. they're not like those nasty Republicans.come refugees come.

  9. oh yeah. hey Mexicans, just get here before Trump builds the wall and TYT WILL HOOK YOU UP , they have lots of money ,they told us the last couple of days that they make lots of money. so they love you and lot. they will give you a car ,money, food, clothing ,whatever you need. they got your back.

  10. as proved in Orlando it only takes one

  11. elimonjal says:

    10,000 syrians are welcomed with free passage, yet my sister in law and her husband who were law abiding working illegals were deported for 10 years. where is the logic ? splitting the family since both her sons and grandchildren were left behind, yet these syrians have never contributed to this economy and they are welcomed. ???

  12. Josh M. says:

    I believe Obama has a plan in store here. As "payment' for having all of them sent over here, Obama will likely instruct these additional refugees to all vote for Hillary in November. I wouldn't put that past him at all.

  13. The YOung TUrks should start talking about Calais migrants ambushing trucjs armed with machettes, making blokades of burning trees and stealing and looting

  14. mike larry says:

    Inshallah Obama takes 1+ million

  15. Cenk is a muslim.

    Case closed

  16. Grape Ape says:

    So after the eefugees are vetted and are allowed to live freely then I'm pretty sure that the NRA will allow the to buy guns because if you are able to purchase a firearm regaurdless being on a terrorist watch list

  17. NegatsuSan says:

    Cenk, the message on the Statue of Liberty was written by the French and is not USA foreign policy.

    If I send Uygar a plaque stating something like "Cenk Uygur is the most financially generous person ever be born" is he obligated to give $$ to anyone making the request?

    I'm not the least bit bothered by accepting these refugees, but don't feel a few complementary statements on a gift from another government should obligate any country in any way.

  18. It's unconstitutional you retard cenk

  19. Math Lover says:

    USA caused this chaos in the the Middle East. USA should at least take 500.000 refugees. Shame on you.

  20. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

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