Obamacare: Death panels were always on the agenda

Kurt Nimmo
The New York Times runs front page endorsement
Prior to Democrats ramming substandard corporatized medical care down the throats of the American people at gunpoint, Democrats argued that death panels would not be part of Obamacare.

However, now that Obamacare is law, the truth has finally emerged – death panels are indeed part of the law.

Obamacare Death panels were always on the agenda

On Saturday The New York Times reported that “the issue of paying doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life care is making a comeback, and such sessions may be covered for the 50 million Americans on Medicare as early as next year.”

Medicare will begin covering “end-of-life discussions” next year. It will decide to institute this policy after consultation with the American Medical Association, the corporatist trade guild responsible in part for monopolizing medicine.

Now that the “the political environment is less toxic,” according to the Times, “there are more proponents, including Republican politicians.”

“We think it’s really important to incentivize this kind of care,” Dr. Barbara Levy, chairwoman of the AMA committee that submits reimbursement recommendations to Medicare, told the newspaper. “The idea is to make sure patients and their families understand the consequences, the pros and cons and options so they can make the best decision for them.”

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was criticized for pointing out the inclusion of death panels in the proposed Obamacare law in 2009. Palin was dismissed as a crank by the liberal establishment media.

Palin’s argument was based on Section 1233 of bill HR 3200 which proposed paying doctors for providing voluntary counseling to Medicare patients about living wills, advance directives, and end-of-life care options.

The AMA is now calling for an identical process that will instruct private insurers to reimburse doctors for talking to patients about ending their lives.

In other words, death panel discussions will be paid for by Americans who are now mandated by law to buy expensive health insurance or pay a fine to the IRS.

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