Obamanation’s Private Army

Jim Kirwan

Federalizing the Civilian Workforces of the USSA

Obama announced that he was going to create an American Armed Force that would be even larger than America’s current standing military force. He claimed at the time that America would need this force to combat the threats inside this nation from what he called at the time: “The Enemy Within.”
Obamanation’s Private Army
He did this at the same time he was demanding that the NDAA apply to all Americans anywhere in the world today (It passed the senate 97-0): That did finally succeed which meant that he can now kill anyone without a trial, evidence or even without any reason whatsoever. Now, because of his private army, he’s free to murder anyone he wants to kill as an “Enemy of the United States” and there is nothing that anyone can do about it ­ unless we revolt!

Most Americans paid almost no attention at all to either the NDAA or to Obama’s new army. That was when the government began buying up weapons and ammunition in unheard of quantities. Buying enough bullets to kill every man woman and child, three times over. On top of that the government bought hollow-point bullets that are illegal to use even in wartime. This government has continued to buy and stockpile virtually every type of weapon and ammunition for war making. From vehicles to drones, tanks, missiles, and any number of heavy combat weapons. His latest acquisition is for submachine guns with night scopes and 30 round clips for use by the USDA. The list of armed federal employees grows daily.

USDA goes Paramilitary: http://www.naturalnews.com/045141_USDA_submachine_guns_paramilitary_agencies.html

Meanwhile the government continues to federalize more and more government agencies: Making more and more daily activities into matters that can only be dealt with by armed-police. This has eliminated the need for all kinds of federal services, agencies and government employees, but it also gives Obama the new private military force he demanded, to control the US population in every area of daily life. It’s “private” because it swears allegiance only to him.

“… the federal civilian workforce is an inaccurate and deceptive measure of the size of the total federal workforce. The reason is simple: as Americans have demanded that the government provide more services with fewer (labor) resources, the government has turned increasingly to a workforce employed through contracts, grants, and mandates to state and local governments. Light estimates this “shadow workforce” comprises almost 12.7 million employees, a number far greater than the sum of the federal civilian workforce, U.S. postal workers, and uniformed military personnel (4.25 million).Altogether, the true federal workforce approaches 17 million, a figure almost nine times the size of the federal civilian workforce, the latter being the reference group of President Clinton’s claims of reduced bureaucracy and the end of the era of “big government.”” http://www.independent.org/publications/tir/article.asp?a=208

If every issue can only be solved by armed force, SWAT Teams or federalized agencies that have the whole range of force to enforce “laws” that change by the minute—then there is absolutely no need whatsoever for any of the federal civilian agencies that currently exist.

The Department of Education is no longer needed because every basic infraction that is “committed” in any school, from kindergarten thru college, can now be handled by police. When children as young as 5 can be led away in chains for minor disturbances in public or private school and taken to jail, then we no longer need a civilian agency to deal with anything in the schools. The same kinds of interventions are becoming routine wherever the public is interacting with any official function of the Stazi State. Schools, hospitals, homes, child welfare and in businesses of all kinds: In all of these areas parents and citizens are ordered to make certain decisions that are now dictated by the state. If they fail to do that then police are called.

There are also socially-correct police as well who monitor public behavior throughout the society. Everything to do with driving a car or any vehicle has now been criminalized. A traffic stop used to result in being issued a citation or a ticket. Today anyone “pulled over” by the new fascist police could easily be beaten tasered, tortured or shot ­ without any right of appeal at all. The same thing applies to any dispute within the home. If police are called then people will be injured if not killed out right because the “officers” are not overseen by “internal affairs department” any longer. Nor are these primitive savages overseen by either civilian or public investigative committees: We no longer have any need for lawyers, courts, or judges ­ because all of that depends on getting into any court.

Every situation from going for a walk to going anywhere is monitored now by the thought police backed up by SWAT for even the slightest infractions. This allows the government to eliminate the Department of Justice and the entire Courts System, and the evidence divisions of all police agencies, since evidence is no longer required to prove guilt or innocence. Evidence will no longer matter so it will not need to be collected – think of the money we could save by dumping all those feral government jobs. Besides, most of those arrested won’t ever get to court; we’ve become the Gestapo Police, when it comes to getting arrested.

We won’t need to build more jails because that’s what FEMA is for, but we’re rapidly eliminating any need for shrinks, doctors or for that matter hospitals. Since no one is actually entitled to any medical services in the first place, not since Obamacare took over.

What makes all this possible is that when uniformed ‘officers’ make all the life and death determinations as to who is really in need or who is just a used-up individual that has no right to anything from the system, well you get the idea…

But there are all the other areas of life that are being invaded as well. Any disputes with the Homeowner’s Associations, the landlords or the property management companies will soon be answered by armed police. If tempers flare, which is likely, someone will be injured or killed, because police are not big on being able to handle disputes of any kind—they tend to shoot first and ask questions later, if at all.

Just look at what happened to Cliven Bundy and his ranch in Nevada that was one of the new management protocols in action: Did you enjoy watching the BLM the FBI, and BATF assaulting innocent people while they were stealing the cattle that the Bundy’s had the legal right to raise and protect? It turned our that the FEDS did not have jurisdiction—because Bundy owns the land and it was always a state issue not a federal matter at all: But that didn’t even slow the feds down. They brought in their snipers and their troops and were hell bent on stealing the cattle and raiding the ranch until the militia showed up to stop that action.

Nevada is Ukraine in the USSA


If the police are called today, for any reason, someone will go to jail, be tasered, beaten or possibly killed. The reason is simple cops have QUOTAS to fill: Consequently every encounter has to end in someone being arrested or damaged, if not killed. That holds true whether it’s a traffic stop or a civil disturbance. Cops do not have to damage the people they speak with. The problem is that there are no laws that restrict what the cops can do today, to anyone who is not someone they approve of.

If you commit a misdemeanor at a public meaning like trying to speak beyond a pre-set time limit, you can and will be arrested, and if you resist, then forget about what might happen to you: You’ll be lucky if you survive that ordeal in one piece. If you forgot to pay a bill or you’re late with an alimony payment, you don’t get a summons anymore; the cops might just decide to break down your front door in the middle of the night before they haul you off to jail. Any and all infractions have become actionable matters for the police, and only the police to handle… That’s why it’s called a Police State!

Do the above described episodes happen to everyone, everytime? NO. However they happen so often now that when an encounter with police is semi-civil or peaceful, it seems like a miracle!

The government once created all the various agencies to manage each and every special area of life. But now since everything is dealt with the same way—by uniformed thugs, frequently with concealed identities: the entire structure of the government needs to be changed to accommodate these new forces that are the only ones answering the problems of this society.

Today every agency including the US Postal Service is arming its personnel, as if the entire federal government is under attack. Government agencies no longer answer questions about their jobs. Questions are referred to the Information Officer or their own press agent, but the public is not allowed to receive any satisfactory answers to any questions about their current public behavior. Secrecy and need-to-know have replaced “Information Officers” and the whole idea of this country has long since left the scene.

Google the agencies that are now armed with military weapons ­ and see for yourself just how many government agencies are now armed and dangerous: Especially given that their intelligence levels registers in low teens. This is the price Obama is charging us to be able to create his own private army and to occupy this place, if that can be pulled off…

The truth is everything in a government uniform now is working for an L.L.C. a private for-profit bunch of outlaws that obey none of the laws that they are forcing us to obey. This whole government is now just one huge corporation. All the uniformed thugs and mercenaries work for them—neither the congress nor the so-called government has anything to do with anything any more! Get used to it!

BTW – None of this is new. The web has been telling the world what’s going on now for years and years, but apparently too many are just too busy to even bother to notice: But the evidence of all these crimes against the public is literally EVERYWHERE, for anyone who cares to see…

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