Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Surfaces In Africa

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Now it is here and places the president in the African continent. The debate surrounding it will now end after the revelation, and those who have not been telling the truth will have to be made answerable one way or another.

The revelation, however, coming during this election year 2012 is doing no good to the democratic party.

 API on Tuesday the 6th March evening received President Obama’s genuine birth certificate. API decided not to hurry in publishing it immediately because we wanted to be sure of the content value.

Now that the scrutiny has been done, the publishing of the Birth certificate that will clear the air once and for all is being done without prejudice. This may force the US president to apologise to the American people for having been kept in the dark on the issue for a long time now on demanding the publishing of the birth certificate by President Obama.

www.africanpress.me Coast province? Check it outwww.africanpress.me Coast province? Check it out

 API will scan in here a letter from Coast Provincial Birth Registration Office in the next few hours or days, depending on how quick API is cleared to do so.

The purpose of scanning the official letter is to ensure that what we have received as you see here is fully collaborated officially.

www.africanpress.me : Obama registration sir edward of lavender was the colonial registrar in Mombasa in 1961? Check it out and satisfy yourself by weighing the facts individually.www.africanpress.me : Obama registration sir edward of lavender was the colonial registrar in Mombasa in 1961? Check it out and satisfy yourself by weighing the facts individually.

Everyone knows that the documents are very sensitive and are not for misuse by any person to gain upper hand in political games.

It is, however, fair that the whole truth is brought to light and have the whole saga put to rest once and for all.

Many people seem to be of the opinion that there is a plan to hide from them the real thing. The US President says he is born in Hawaii. Many documents being circulated worldwide says otherwise. Therefore, it is very important to be outright and get the real thing on the table without witch hunt or without trying to malign the president’s name, unless the truth is not what he personally has said.

A duly signed official letter and a very special document will be scanned here for all to see – this comes in a few hours or days, depending on how quick API gets the clearance to do so. The two documents will put the issue to rest and clear the air once and for all who wish to know the true facts of this case file that has bothered a section of the American people!

It is only reasonable to continue working on this case in order to reveal the truth of the matter.

Another issue important to consider is why many are so interested in this. If Obama has ruled now for three good years and is now in his fourth year – and already asking for another term that will give him new 4 years in the White House, is there any wrongdoing when he actually has delivered leadership and continues to do so? He has not run down the country, so what is all the farce about where he is born? After all, he has lived in the US all his life.

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  1. whisperingsage says:

    Get the terminology right, he is “native born” but not “natural born”. Natural born definition was set down in the First Congress, Session II, chapter III, look it up. It was declared by Congress that a Natural Born citizen had two citizen parents. This would be necessary to ensure loyalty to America, which I think he has shown in more ways than one, he is not.

  2. Karen DiStefano says:

    Sorry but Snopes is run by Democrats in the bag for Obama. Not the place to go for impartial info.

  3. Mike Travis says:

    This article is a lie. THe FACT is Obama did NOT live in the US his entire life. We know that because he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia where he attended school.
    Second, since he is NOT a “Natural Born Citizen” as required by the US Constitution, he has commited fraud along with either treason or spying, both of which are punishable by death. So clearly there is “wrong doing”.

    The real question is why are so many of his supporters denying these and other facts that prove he is a criminal?

  4. Alvin Kollie says:

    is the persident with the baby body and a big head he look smart i want to be like him when i grow up $real

  5. glenn says:

    i have to agree with adam. I have a t shirt that ouside of the color matches the details exactly (like the resistration number), but we need a full page scanned pdf or equivalent. the seal is really important too. We americans are at over 50% who don’t believe his birth certificate is real.

    It would be no small thing for the people of kenya to do this for America…..

  6. Bridgett says:

    This is the same “fake” birth certificate from 2009….It makes me not want to read any more of these articles knowing that this author isnt checking these out before they post…http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/kenyacert.asp

  7. Adam says:

    Dang. I was so excited there could actually be a possibility. 🙁 Shown here is a rehash of the previously impeached forgery by a blogger who took the template from a Australian birth certificate. It can be found here. 🙁

  8. buff24seven says:

    the African press can suck my fat dick who the fuck you people think you are for saying Obama has gave us 3 great years of service as president don’t try and act like this evil devil of a president has been a gift to the american people because it has been a curse having him in the white house ….if Africa loves Obama so much why don’t they take him in to run there country.

  9. John Aspray says:

    I don’t give a shit anymore.

  10. JANE says:

    Arizona law enforcement already confirmed the Obama birth certificate released by the White House last April is a 100% FORGERY and called for a full congressional investigation. The Obama Social Security number fails the government E-Verify background check system too. Obama sealed all his college records but it is known he lived on campus at Occidental College in the “International Dorm” restricted to FOREIGN students ONLY. Obama sealed his student loan records too, which investigators say would confirm he applied for financial aid as a FOREIGN student! It is time for the Obama charade to come to an end.

  11. stewart e voelker says:

    Yes it matters,Obama is a fraud! No he does not deserve four more years, he deserves to be arrested and jailed. You stupid sheeple deserve what you get!

  12. NOZ says:


  13. Disturbed says:

    Wow is all I can say! This is just another desperate ploy by White Racists angry because they have a Black President. Having lived in Africa, I know that fake documents are a dime a dozen although I doubt this document is actually from Africa. What are you going to do when you have a President with Mexican origins? And trust me that day is closer than you think at the rate that Latinos are producing new voters. This reminds me of the desperate actions of the Whites in South Africa when it became clear they would lose political power. Welcome to the new world order where people will no longer be suppressed just because they are not White. The days of White Supremacy are over!!

    • Maggie says:

      Has NOTHING to do with him being sorta black. He is a LIAR & Chief and a communist and does not DESERVE to be president. Will you vote for a Latino or any other race JUST BECAUSE you want our country to be “diversified”? Right now I’d vote for king kong if it meant getting this “destroyer of our country” out of the WH. And btw, HE was the one to start the race card going and he continues to throw gasoline on the flames.

  14. i recall a certain FAKEdocument proving iraq tried to acquire yellowcake uranium from niger. Love the timing of this birth certificate. Wonder which black box agency produced it?

  15. Joe Buckstrap says:

    I’m not a big Obama fan. He does continue the policies of the Bush crime family. He does further erode our Constitutional rights – in some cases more egregiously than did George W. Bush. He does continue to perpetuate the government myths about 9/11 and ignore the great body of evidence that points more toward gov’t and associated mercenary complicity in those attacks. Those attacks were the basis of $ trillions of wasted taxpayer money on wars and government encroachment on the rights and lives of our citizens and millions of deaths, injuries and mutations from conventional wartime casualties, depleted uranium pollution and maiming. As much as I find Obama’s smiley face fascism detestable, I cannot accept this birther nonsense as credible evidence. It is just politically motivated tripe cooked up on the eve of the election by some crackpots from AZ with a political ax to grind. I give this story zero credibility. It’s very more likely that these so-called Kenyan documents were forged than documents that were certified by HI. We’ve had more than four years to go over this. There was a lot of big money going into a priori investigations to “find” Obama not to be a natural born American. There’s even politically motivated campaigning saying he’s a Muslim. Scratch the surface and reveal many virulent racists involved in these campaigns. No. There are better reasons not to like Obama than these fabricated and hateful messages. He should be rejected for his contempt of the Constitution and likewise, all of the GOP candidates should be equally rejected on this basis with the exception of Ron Paul. Paul, who has been maligned and ignored by the corporate media – including this outlet – and tarred with guilt by association to a few nitwits who would like to co-opt his message – is the only candidate who has honored his oath of office and consistently defended the constitution. I hope that after this farcical primary he will run as an independent with Jesse Ventura.

    • whisperingsage says:

      Get the terminology right, he is “native born” but not “natural born”. Natural born definition was set down in the First Congress, Session II, chapter III, look it up. It was declared by Congress that a Natural Born citizen had two citizen parents. This would be necessary to ensure loyalty to America, which I think he has shown in more ways than one, he is not.

  16. ehancock says:

    The image that you show was one of the first forged “Kenyan birth certificates.”



    For those of you who still believe that Obama could have been born in Kenya, or in fact in any foreign country, a question for you:

    I’ll bet that you know (but, actually, you may have forgotten) that the US government requires, and has long required, that a child being carried into the USA must have some kind of official travel document to be admitted. This is usually a US passport for the child. Or, it could be the fact that the child is entered on the mother’s US passport. Or, it could be a US visa for the child on a foreign passport. Without one of those, we would not let the child into the country.

    So, IF Obama really had been born in Kenya (or in any country other than the USA), he would have had to have one of those documents–wouldn’t he? His family would have had to show the passport, wouldn’t they? To show the passport, they would have had to have applied for the passport or the visa for Obama. And, if Obama really were born in Kenya (or another country), they would have had to have applied for it in the US consulate or embassy there, wouldn’t they?

    Such applications are FILED by the US government. The documents exist in multiple files, the actual application itself, communication about it with Washington, entries in the passport file, entries in the application file, entries in the places where the child is carried into the USA. The Bush Administration was in charge of the State Department and the INS for eight years before Obama was elected. Don’t you think that they would have checked the claim that he was born outside the USA?

    All they had to do was find one of those files and McCain would win the election.

    Well, they never did. There is no such file.

    So the question is, do you think that the Bush Administration was part of the plot?

    Do you think that the files, the documents, the application for the documents, the communications about the documents were all lost or hidden? Remember, they are in multiple files, the file of the passport holder, the files of applications for passports, the files in the US embassy in foreign countries, the files in the State Department and in the INS (which would have checked in Obama at an entry point if he had actually traveled in 1961)–and yet no document has been found. Why not?

    The absence of the travel document, plus the Hawaii birth certificate, plus the confirmation of the facts on it by three Republican (and several Democrat) officials, plus the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961, plus the witness who remembers being told of the birth and writing home about it (to her father, named Stanley, about the unusual event of a birth to a woman named Stanley). All this is evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii. Oh, and by the way, Obama’s Kenyan grandmother NEVER said that Obama was born in Kenya. That was the first of the birther lies. She said repeatedly in the taped interview that he was born in Hawaii. And she said in another interview, with the Hartford Courtant newspaper, that the first that her family had heard of Obama’s birth was IN A LETTER FROM HAWAII.

  17. amicus curiae says:

    when the laws of a country state the leader of that land MUST be a citizen by birth..it matters!
    otherwise schwartzenneger could have run for president.
    and mr sotero hasnt been open about the cert OR the rest of his prior life.
    the recent EO rewiorded to enable peace time martial law now includes a financial problems clause..
    Martial law and all it entails is ONLY meant for threat TO the actual land and citizens.
    if you wated to start a civil war In usa then such a ruling enabling the govt to commandeer food fuel and control of citizens to full on war status would be the way to begin one.
    the mans a danger and sadly so are the mediated clones also running.
    the only candidate with a brain, and ability to maybe straighten things out a bit, is being sidelined and ignored by the msm.

  18. ARCHANGEL says:

    From the beginning everything has pointed to the fact that the American people have been lied to by practically everyone in the media and government. Treason is a serious matter and it applies way back to to other administrations as well. Many will be jailed soon unless they pull some more false flags. Are you watching and waiting for them?
    WAke up America you have stained yourselves and have become but fodder.. Those reponsible however in government,,media and corporate should be very worried..
    America get ready for the biggest reality show ever. Yoiu might even see it on Fox.
    After all they are fair and balanced. Right Bill.



  19. Marie Lowrance says:

    Just saying…….Pure Bull Crap, if this birth certificate is authentic, and Baracka Hussein Obama has intentionally lied about where he was born and spent millions of Tax Payers dollars to cover up information that is a Constitutional requirement to be able to hold the office of President of the United States of America . Proof Baracka has been lying (something the world knows)from the first time he set foot in the USA using one of his many Passports and later his use of multiple illegally obtained Social Security numbers with the specific intention to defraud the Government. Those in the Government such as Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, the Clinton’s, the Bushes, McCain, Romney, Weisserman, Bieden, Pelosi, Reed, Rahm, Ayers, all Czars, and anyone and everyone who knowingly aided and supported Baracka and lied for him or withheld this information for the purpose of defrauding the office of President of The United State of America. This should also apply to anyone saying they were in fear of coming forth with this information, and knowingly allowed this Illegal Interloper to infiltrate our government and destroy our Constitution, recklessly spending the Tax Payers money by the trillions, excessive use of Air Force One, abusive use of Tax Payers money for “over the top” vacation for Michelle Obama and her family and friends numbering in the hundreds over 3 years. The State of Arizona Sheriff Arpairo should be recognized for his effort and time on this matter. The main Media including O’Reliey should be held responsible for lying, covering up all information on this matter. NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and the backers of this hoax, such as George Soros the biggest supporter of this illegal criminal fiasco. This Administration should be null and void and all laws Obama touted, and actually forced and unconstitutionally put into effect, for all I care he should be forced to give life back to Osama, because even this is unlawful and should be considered an outright assignation/murder by this criminally illegal Democratic Administration . Truthfully the Republicans are no better, if you think they are God save us!…… Just saying…….

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