Obama’s Masonic Ring and Handshake


This was translated from the Spanish website Xfiles. It clearly demonstrates that Obama was part of the Masonic conspiracy from a young age, and represents their agenda, not the interests of the American people.

The amplification of a picture of President Obama, which was published in Newsweek magazine May 24, 2008, revealed a Masonic emblem in the ring he was wearing on his right hand.

Picture of young Obama at the graduation of Punahou School in Hawaii. Expert observers affirm it is a Masonic handshake. Observe how Obama’s hand is practically horizontal, when normally, it would be vertical.

Amplification of young Obama’s Masonic handshake, during the graduation at Punahou School in Hawaii. Obama’s hand is horizontal, so his teacher can perfectly place his thumb Masonic style. And curiously, a letter G shows up in the image’s background.

And here we have another curious image, in this case Barak Obama’s wife, Mrs, Michelle Obama. Wearing a typical “peace” symbol, which hippies used to wear as well in the 60s and 70s, and which has been kept in use by the New World Order scammers.

This symbol in reality is a satanic emblem, because it represents a supposed crucified Christ upside down, in a triangular cross as a goose’s foot, of special significance to satanists. The figure of the inverted crucified is, in turn, inside a circle, which represents the Devil.

Could it be an innocent pendant of the First Lardy? Of course not.

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  1. Anita Haircut says:

    Is that really Obama? This kid looks much taller than the Occupier of the Oval Office!

  2. stan kohls says:

    The peace symbol was 1st used in the UK by Bertrand Russell’s Committee for Nuclear Disarmament during the late 1950’s. It is a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters N and D: Nuclear Disarmament. It has nothing to do with Satan, Masons or Jesus.
    Most of the statements here are disinformation and misinformation, out and out lies.
    There is nothing sinister about the “Masonic” handshake. It’s clearly a simple handshake, despite what “expert observers” might say. Just who are these “expert observers, ” anyway?

  3. This is pretty silly I would like to express. Overdoing is as much as harmful as understating and doesnt serve to a solid judgement. After all there are many degrees of masonic brain power and a 90% of them even dont understand a thing, specially not a black hawaian boy brainwashed. Nor got masonic anything to do with iluminati everybody is referring to nowadays, so is Obama today a grown mature soul with much more experience and true knowledge like he might have been by listening the white wisdom he never ever can achieve by the color of his skin and his origin. Executive muppet is the highest grade for him, guaranteed.
    Well well, I wonder the kind of rubbish people spend time to distribute such childish nonsens like the peace simbol of Mrs. Obama. May her husband be confused by the temptations of power play but to download on her is a sign of stupidity and falsness not in the right place here!!!!!!!

  4. mmg says:

    This is no solid proof,photos can and are manipulated by all sides to serve the purpose and carry their agendas.Peace sign explanation is really funny,
    this is how you can setup your mind to think so everything can be interpreted as ‘satanic” or what ever.I hate them none the less.satanist or not.

  5. MFN says:

    Mankind is in evoloution process right from its beginning since creation of Man. Like a child enters in Class 1 and by climbing up in knowledge reaches to High School Graduation and to University. Mankind started its voyage of evoloution and has reached to todate by climbing step by step. Looks like that Zaboor, then Torah, then Bible and then Al-Quran were sent to promote the evoloution. We all beleive that all of those books are holly books came one after one. Some of us have stopped at eraly stages and have refused to climb further. This is causing problem between far behind left overs and the last and the final class – the Muslims.
    But, you are right, no one has right to disslodge others as they all are humman beings. We all have to share this planet. PEACE is muich essential for every one living on this planet.Your questions are absoloutely right and fare. No one should ever run down others like Americans running down Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

  6. Rehana says:

    If this is true then God help us innocents who seem to be lost in our so called religions ie mazhabs instead of holding on to the Book of God ie the Judgement some call it Bible some Quran some call it Torah some Zaboor—mind you the names too are picked from the Book of God itself.
    As for labelling ourselves with Muslims,Christians,Jews —these are qualities found in all human beings.
    Muslim is the one who brings in peace.
    Christian ie Nasrani is one who helps=nasr=help.
    Yahood we all are for we all go after wealth and power,don’t we?
    So why divide and rule instead of unite?
    Why can’t we live and let live?
    Why not love instead of hate?
    Why spread violence in the name of peace?
    Why not save lives intead of taking them?
    Why can’t we have dialouges and talks instead of invasions and wars?
    Why not help instead of pouncing on some one’s wealth?
    What kind of friend you are that stabs one in the back?
    Why make WMDS when God forbids to hurt others?
    Are we defying the laws of God that we all read?
    Are we satans and jinn turning into a fireball with our anger and hatred?
    The day it dawns on us that life is short and God asks us to do good deeds as deeds shall be weighed by the Book of God not religions that we follow.

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