Obama’s World War 3 Domestic Civilian Defense Upsi


The civil defense is the key to the preservation of the remains of our nations sovereignty . This week’s episode of UpsideDown And Backwards Ep . 5 Looks to …


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  1. this is totally wicked !

  2. Jason Shults says:

    WTF is with the intro? Are you making truth vids, or "truth" vids? 45 seconds in, and it looks more like propaganda than truth.

  3. im bored i hope there will be world war 3 because im sick of the world we live in anyways.. lets detroy everything and human kind will be no more.. let the oil burn let the nukes go, press that red button i dare you.. USA are the ass holes who created ISIS, i hope Russia send the USA a note on the nuke, saying reast in peace.

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