October Surprise WWIII Begins To Boil


All eyes are on Syria as the globalists, fearing a populist uprising, are pushing the narrative of World War 3 on humanity. Mounting tensions with possible …


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  1. HULUCrackle says:

    U.S. ''Troops'' are DEMORALIZED to say the LEAST!! RUSSIAN Troops are HARD. CHINA Even HARDER. MORALE NATIONALISM and TRUTH Can NOT be ''BEAT'' Like Gen. Milley CYRUS and his Little Girl Tantrum, He Looked Like He was About to CRY. RUSSIA LAUGHS at Him!! RUSSIA is One of the OLDEST Countries On Earth. -(there were a couple name changes.)

  2. HULUCrackle says:

    RUSSIA Beat @20 Brigades of Germans! in WW2!! ONLY @2 German Brigades Held Off the ENTIRE ''West'' and Beat Down Europe.*
    (* with Italians and Japanese.)

  3. Who was that Psyco General… keep him away from Europe.. he is Mad.!

  4. Gen. Mark Milley needs a sedagive . . . now!

  5. sam halim says:

    can you all think how many country own deadly nuke..

  6. Tom Evered says:

    Everyone should watch Nuclear Survival videos.

    "Show: Surviving Disaster
    Season number: 1
    Episode number: 8
    Air date: October 20, 2009"

    I thought it was good to know just in case.

  7. Dee Bee says:

    Fucking jewish puppet scumbag!

  8. This shit is getting real serious! my local news ain't saying jack about it either. This country is so screwed up

  9. This is just great.

    The Muslim terrorist are actually plotting on bringing down the western civilization, and the US response is "Let's nuke Russia and China."

    I am sure that it's the only military strategy these generals learned.

    "Sir, aliens landed and invaded the whole west coast. What is our response?"

    "Nuke those communists ! ! !"

    "Sir, they are aliens."

    "Just nuke communist boy ! ! !"

  10. David Snead says:

    I call on everyone to phone their representatives and let them know in no uncertain terms that the people of the United States do not, and will not support any further action in Syria….we demand that they withdraw our forces at once before this situation gets out of hand,….there is not a Goddamned thing in Syria worth starting a global war over.

  11. Epic Snoop says:

    this all may be true but tbh don't expect a ww3 within the next 50 years. There are all cowards and will sign contracts to not launch nuclear weapons. This video is just trying to scare ya. It's all about maintaining population. So steadily the populations will decrease once again just like in ww1 and ww2

  12. There is a much bigger story going on here.  The Trump revelation along with maybe even more to come about Trump could cost her the election in ways that she could never imagine. The ultimate plan of those behind the green curtain of the "Wizards of Oz" is to legally continue Obama in office somehow.  Several of the Repub hierarchy are once again calling for Trump to resign . When any more damaging info comes out against Trump the Repub Rinos in DC will see that Hillary is likely going to take the election. Repub insiders in Congress know that they have no option for winning this election other than with Trump.  All those on the Repub side and many on the Dems side do not want to be "ruled" by HRC for 4 or 8 years. The Repub Rinos in DC have already been regularly giving Obama what he wants and with a Hillary victory looming because of Trump missteps, they will likely give Obama a clear signal of approval for him to use some immediate crisis (like an impending war with Russia) to suspend the election for some period of time (12 mo. maybe) during a declared civil emergency.  Obama would get what he wants and Repub Rinos would keep both Hillary and Trump out while they try to regroup. No matter what, this will be the strangest election cycle in US history.

  13. youre selling shit to the people

  14. The American people don't want war. We are sick of war.  America has NO business being in Syria.  This is all about Obama helping the Muslim Brotherhood advance another caliphate.  People need to understand how ideological and fanatical Obama and his Muslim friends are.

  15. Ha ha ha foolish man.

  16. jay Roberge says:

    If they can't finnish off the destruction of AMERICA with the election of HILIARY then they will be forced to take the other route ,,,, AND THEY DON'T care because they all live on their property in Paraguay, Chile, argentina and Columbia South America!!! The fall-out will NOT travel to South America!!!

  17. Rory Coffey says:

    This guy took too much testosterone for his limp dick and went on a rant

  18. ya we had a hard enough time with middle east. why gear up against a country that can and will right back? US and NATO vs Russia,China,Iran,North Korea, Turkey … ???

  19. Nick Nick says:

    Jessie Ventura and Vince McMahon should tag team and run for US pres and vp. Gotta be better than the current choice of the Hindenburg or the Titanic.
    If voting did anything, we wouldn't be allowed to do it.
    In Iceland, the populus physically escorted their politicians out of their offices.
    Iceland just imprisoned some more bankers……..

  20. Bibleindepth says:

    WWlll will be against israel. Syria shares a border with israel. Damascus is close to israel. Part of syria used to be israel. Is this it. I dont know.

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