Off-Duty Cop Finds $125,000 Cash in the Middle of the Road. Finds Owner, Returns it to Him

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Matt Agorist | thefreethoughtproject

Contra Costa, CA — A man’s life savings has been recovered after an off-duty California Highway Patrol sergeant found over $125,000 in cash in the middle of a Concord roadway.

Off-Duty Cop Finds $125,000 Cash in the Middle of the Road

A 20 year veteran with the California Highway Patrol, who wishes to remain anonymous, was driving in her personal vehicle Monday when she noticed drivers swerving to miss two objects in the middle of Concord Boulevard.

When the off-duty cop stopped to move the object she saw that it was two bank deposit bags. When she looked inside the bags she found $125,000 in cash.

Here is where the story gets interesting, she didn’t try to keep it for herself or bring it to the evidence locker or try and justify keeping the money for the department. The Concord police actually located the owner of the lost cash and returned it to him!

They didn’t try to arrest him for having the cash or hold it while they “investigated” it.

In a prepared statement, the sergeant said returning the money was simply “the right thing to do.”

“I am paid to uphold the law and it’s my job to set the example whether I’m working or not,” the sergeant said. “I am happy to hear the rightful owner was identified and that the money has been returned”.

Oddly enough the police still have no idea why the money was in the street in the first place.

With the literal billions of dollars stolen from the citizens by police every year, this officer and department deserve to be commended for acting in such a scrupulous manner.

If this is what police officers meant when they say, “Just doing my job,” the US would be a much better place right now.

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  1. Ltpar November 7, 2014 at 1:05 am - Reply

    All the anti-Police jerk offs who accuse all Officers of being dishonest and corrupt need to read this article. It typifies the response of the maority of men and women wearing the badge. Yep, there are a few who would have kept the money, but most would have done as this Officer did. Congratulations to her for an exemplary performance of honesty and integrity.

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