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  1. hello8888 says:

    Where is Israel in your video??????????? You completely left them out. Why??? Israel is a massive instigator in the region.

  2. The Axis of America, Israel, Saudi Arabia invading Asia will have the same result as every other effort at invading Asia – these 3 criminal cultures will implode. But, who reads history? History? Shit, who reads?

  3. Mo Thaseen says:

    For most Muslims it is very clear that ISIS / IS is a bogus group of mercenaries created & paid for by the elite to create chaos in the middle east. ISIS is totally opposite to what Islam teaches, which most Muslims understand it. For you guys to understand – India was ruled by Muslims for over 800 years, if Muslims are supposed to be like ISIS, there would be no non-Mulim left in India. Till today Muslims are a minority. Same thing in Europe, Ottoman empire ruled over 500 years there. Ask yourself a question – where are these guys getting their funding from to run a state and also fight a war. My i request is just put aside your blind hatred for Muslims & Islam & look for the truth. If you want to hear a Muslim Scholar speak on this subject you can see it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwLLC1EU3Q4 The main stream media will not show these because they dont want you guys to know the truth. Godd luck to all.

  4. Tom Goffnett says:

    Outstanding! Liked and subscribed.

  5. Zatoichiable says:

    No change will happens in the world while US is controlling them and no change happen in the US unless Kim Kardashian lead the revolution!

  6. "move along folks, nothing to see here", they say.

  7. I recommend all of you purchase John Price's book The End of America, The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America. in paper book 324 pgs, all backed up by scripture, we ARE the daughter of Babylon. $14.99 on Amazon

  8. wow finally an American with a brain …I salute you for speaking the truth sir ! #respect

  9. Fang Lei says:

    for the sake off all good people in the World USA must be defeated if USA wins then Evil has won USA is Evil it self.

  10. the internet just makes shit up. nobody knows their ass from a hole in the ground. fear,doom and gloom 24/7.
    you guys get up out of bed and immediately bitch how the sky is falling everyday. 

    I say its all because Obama is part black. Many rich white republicans dont like black people and for 7 years now we have had to hear story after story about war and how everything is connected to Obama and how bad the US is perceived around the world. It all gets manifested into these kinds of videos. This is the like the white mans way of scaring people into not voting for another minority again. Kinda like how they said marijuana makes blacks and mexican men rape and kill white women in reefer madness. If we had a white president i can almost bet the stories in the media would have a different theme with less war talk and youtube videos like these.

    Obamas presidency has clogged up Youtube with so much garbage.

    What difference does it all make? who gives a shit? just live your life and let all the fighting factions of the world kill each other off. Thats why Americans dont care. You can only try and scare people so much before they become numb to the propaganda.

    the whole world could end tomorrow and Fox would report how its Hillary and Obamas fault. Dont give them two so much credit. they aint that smart…and if they were than we're pretty dumb for letting them do it.

    I turn off the TV and all this goes away.

  11. jerryK77 says:

    new world structure is already an old world structure

  12. American can't speak out.

  13. Unfortunately, this is what happened to the Germans during the reign of the Third Reich. People living in Germany believed what the Nazis where selling them. How different are we from the Germans of the 1930's? Sad that we have lost our way. The people doing this are the Central Bankers, but rest assured that they will be tried for their crimes.

  14. Jaco Jonker says:

    love ure vid man! tnx for sharing the truth

  15. Ivy Mic says:

    The satanist khazars subjugated and destroyed America from within, most aware people know this now.

  16. Aamir Butt says:

    Great wording feel full of truth

  17. Juan Becerra says:

    to bad there is nothing we can do

  18. Brody Doan says:

    Ww3? So the world vs Russia? I don't get it. The only other "powerful" nation that is against America is China and China has American allies surrounding it as well. Plus Russia is not the U.S.S.R they wouldn't stand much of a chance without using nukes , but even if they did France , the U.K , and America would nuke Russia back. I also disagree with how you portray Assad. You never said he was the good guy but you're implying it.

  19. Brody Doan says:

    Why is every one paranoid of Russia? They are the least of our worries , besides nukes their military strength cannot compare to the U.S military.

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