On The Brink Of World War 3 Obama Delays Afghanistan Withdrawal


For VR – Nuclear Holocaust To Wipe Out Millions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cFPWFS2xxQ President Barack Obama announced Thursday that the United States …


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  1. Chris Grear says:

    The war has already begun!

  2. You're gonna find this hilarious. Over on freedomfighter2127's channel, there's a video about how ISIS is attacking the U.S. power grid. In the video, he reads an article which quotes a DHS spoksperson about it, and her name is Caitlyn DERKAvich!! hahahahahahahahahaha, I immediately thought of you and Derka Derka!

  3. Don't Worry This Will All Blow Over

  4. Ember Rayne says:

    How can we prepare for something that is not survivable?I hope there is a way out of this crazy mess because, we are all about to die,I guess your average person doesn't understand what nuclear weapons really do. We don't have a chance on either side.

  5. Justabigdawg says:

    Nice vid. I haven't watched your channel in a while, but I must say…..keep an eye on this people!

  6. gt er says:

    Obama > Dmitry Medvedev I have more flexibility in my second term. Dmitry Medvedev > Obama I will be sure to pass that on to Putin….

  7. edgelock says:

    Nazi Germany Invaded Poland Brits and France Declared War and WW2 Began Officially

  8. toddhawley says:

    Despite the common belief that the US is in the 'right' causing instability in the Middle East, it may indeed be the Soviets that will restore peace or escalate in defense of it in any further attacks by the US controlled proxy armies.

    Personally, I think the US troops should consider alleviating their false duties to the country and come home. This way, we can have better conscious when Putin bombs the fuck out of every US provacating base in the region.

    Yes, there are nukes buried deep in the sands of nearly every base across Europe and the Middle East. This could turn into a global meltdown militarily and economically if the US does not retreat and forfeit the ill gotten gains.

    Just saying-

  9. keep easy-thanks much-further

  10. fckgoogle says:

    thetruthvirus has been youtubed

  11. as usual its the idiot leaders in the world who destroy for there own ends

  12. TheMichguff says:

    Vote. Vote in your upcoming elections. We can do something. As little a thing as it can appear to be. I for one will be voting tomorrow in Canadas election. I don't care who is popular or not at least we still have the right to vote and that is a good thing.

  13. TIC TOC TIC TOC….This whole thing is gettin' to be nerve racking.All we need is some PUTZ to throw the first rock and it's over…..I hope everybody is stocked up with supplies….

  14. johnup53 says:

    we got to stop this gov or they will get us all kill

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