ONEWORLD A350 and A340 snowy arrivals at Helsinki Airport


Finnair’s Oneworld birds seen here at Helsinki in wintry conditions.
Finnair A350 and Finnair A340 are the only heavies wearing this scheme accompanied by an E190 and an A319. The alliance livery looks really nice in the glancing snow!
OH-LQE, the last Airbus A340-300 in Finnair’s fleet, is due to leave by the end of 3Q of 2017. A trend that seems to be in all over the world, will also make Finland to say good bye to their quad jet.

Registrations in this video: OH-LWB, OH-LVD, OH-LQE
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8 Responses

  1. Flight Time says:

    Awesome video! I love plane spotting in this winter mood 🙂 If it just wouldn't be so cold haha

  2. RandomDude says:

    Awesome footage! I've flown with OH-LWB LHR-HEL.

  3. Omg this is my favourite video from ya?

  4. nik0hue says:

    Milloinkas LQE on lähdössä laivastosta? Pitäis vielä ainakin kerran päästä näkemään 🙁
    Anyway hyvä video! :)

  5. Excellent wintry footage! Liked very much!

  6. atlubeck says:

    Super cool to see the brother and sister! Great filming! Liked!

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