Operation Gladio-style War Against Pakistan


Lahore blasts 42 killed, 135 injured in Moon Market twin blastsOn December 7, 2009 four blasts rocked Peshawar, Lahore and Quetta. In the morning at 10 am a suicide bomber came on a rickshaw, killed at least ten people in Peshawar when he blew himself up near the courthouse located on Jail Road. Then, in the noon explosive laden taxi blasted near government officer residence and caused injuries to the individuals. In Moon Market, Lahore at about 0845 pm 44 individuals killed and 100 injured in blasts. One explosion was in front of a bank and other one was in front of a police station. It is feared the toll may rise further as the site of the market was on fire. The fire engulfed a building and shops. In today’s blasts almost 52 individuals killed and more than 130 inured. It is also notable here that more than 400 people have been killed during a string of attacks mounted by foreign sponsored terrorists and so called Taliban. In recent weeks these militants have targeted Muslims offering their Jumma prayers, children, women, Pakistani troops, girls’ schools and vital installations.


On 20 November 2009, CIA chief Leon E. Panetta was in Pakistan meeting Pakistan’s spy boss (ISI boss) Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha.

Reportedly, Pasha told Panetta that CIA officials were assisting the terrorists who were carrying out the terror attacks in Pakistan. (Evidence of CIA involvement in Pakistan.)
“Pakistan on Friday (20 November) expressed its serious concerns over the US Central Intelligence Agency’s interference in the country’s internal matters, including its covert support to some terrorists and the terrorist activities they carried out over the past few weeks or months and presented to the visiting CIA chief some proof in this regard.
“Sources said that during the meeting of CIA chief Leon E. Panetta, who is on an unannounced visit to Pakistan, Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha said that CIA officials were assisting the terrorist elements who were carrying out terror attacks on Pakistan and asked him to shun such practices.
“Sources said that ISI chief told him that Pakistani intelligence agencies had incriminating evidence about the CIA officials’ involvement in providing assistance to perpetrators of some terrorist activities within Pakistan, which had negative impact on Pakistan’s efforts towards war on terror.” (Your men helping terrorists, Shuja tells CIA chief)
“In one story, Kayani (Army Chief of Staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani) presented Clinton with ‘evidence’ of a conspiracy involving the CIA, Israel’s Mossad and India’s intelligence agency, RAW. According to the story, the three agencies had been responsible for some of the terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds in Pakistani cities.
“In the other, Kayani supposedly told Clinton that Pakistan was aware the U.S. has been talking to the Taliban through the good offices of Saudi King Abdullah and didn’t appreciate it. Indeed, Kayani did dispatch his ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha, to Riyadh to meet the king.” (Power struggle threatens Pakistan’s leader )


In April 2009, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said Pakistan was a greater threat to his country than Iran

There seems to be a Gladio-style operation going on in Pakistan.

On 4 December 2009, in Rawalpindi in Pakistan, forty two people were killed, including 17 children, in a terror attack at a mosque.

The attack took place during Friday prayers.

Six to seven gunmen entered the mosque.

They threw hand grenades and then began indiscriminate firing.

(Rawalpindi mosque suicide attack toll mounts to 40 …)

This looks like a CIA-NATO operation.

(aangirfan: Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta … / aangirfan: TOP US OFFICIALS REPORTEDLY INVOLVED IN GANGSTERISM …)

More than 400 Pakistanis have died since early October 2009.

“You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game,” stated Gladio operative Vincezo Vinciguerra. (Vincenzo Vinciguerra – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism?)

On 4 December, at Online Journal, Jerry Mazza wrote an article entitled “Instead of disengaging from Afghanistan, Obama escalates war

Mazza writes:

“Our soldiers are not there, the Afghans and Pakistanis should know, as occupiers but as helpers, and to help ourselves to the dope, the oil, the pipelines and the money, not to mention keeping a path through Pakistan to China for the black gold to flow.”

The Pakistan Taliban will be blamed for the terror attacks.
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI together created the Taliban.
“The ISI and CIA created them together,” Zardari told the NBC news channel in an interview.
(informationliberation – CIA and ISI together created Taliban, says …)
“For years the US mysteriously refused to kill former Pakistan Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud via remote drone despite being offered his precise location by Pakistani intelligence authorities.” (Pakistan’s conspiracy cottage industry)


Apparently the Pakistan Taliban are armed with US weapons.
Apparently the US owns a lot of top Pakistanis.
US Security Firm Bribes Pakistani Officials, Top Interior Ministry Officer Arrested

US officials have said that the CIA had routinely brought ISI operatives to a secret training facility in North Carolina. (‘No smoking gun linking command to militants’ )
Some of the bombers “have acknowledged that they have been trained by Israeli and Indian intelligences agencies in the camps located in Afghanistan.” (:. Terrorism against Islam – Rawalpindi Blast)
On 5 November 2009, The Nation (Pakistan) referred to Journalists as spies in FATA (part of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan)?.
Agents of notorious spy agencies are using journalistic cover to engage themselves in intelligence activities in NWFP and FATA (parts of Pakistan), sources informed TheNation….

Matthew Rosenberg, South Asian correspondent of the Wall Street Journal, has been spotted travelling frequently between Washington, Islamabad, Peshawar and New Delhi during the last couple of months….

The sources alleged that … Matthew (had been given) secret documents regarding the Pak Army and sensitive information regarding ongoing operation against militants…

According to an official of a law enforcement agency, who requested anonymity, Matthew was working as chief operative of the CIA and Blackwater in Peshawar. The law enforcement agencies, he said, had also traced Matthew’s links with Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad as well.


According to the BBC, “on Christmas Day 2007, the Afghan government said it was expelling two high level diplomats, one a British UN political affairs expert, the other, an Irishman and the acting head of the European Union mission.” (BBC NEWS ‘Great Game’ or just misunderstanding?)

According to the Independent: “Britain planned to build a Taliban training camp for 2,000 fighters in southern Afghanistan.” (Revealed: British plan to build training camp for Taliban fighters …)

A post at this site Cached tells us of the British government link to the terror in Pakistan.

In 2007 Pakistani Intelligence traced the source of much of terror in Pakistan to a ‘terrorist’ camp in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

The camp was run by Michael Semple and Mervyn Patterson.

Both of these British spooks were ostensibly working with humanitarian organizations.

Following extraordinary intelligence work by ISI, Karzai of Afghanistan and high officials in the Musharraf government exchanged visits which eventually resulted in the arrest and expulsion of Patterson and Semple from Afghanistan.

In December of 2007 Guardian and Independent published stories that were clearly designed to muddle the facts and divert attention away from the real story.

The real story was that these training camps were to create the Pakistan Taliban or Tehreek-e Taliban-e Pakistan (TMP); but why?

If the Taliban were to take over some areas in Pakistan and a part of the capital, then this would provide a sufficient basis for the US to bomb Pakistani nuclear installations and cease their nuclear weapons.

There were serious war plans and military exercises conducted by US forces for this scenario.

British India (www.zum.de/whkmla/histatlas/india/haxbrindia.html)

On 19 October 2009, it was treported that the Pakistan Taliban (TTP) leaders were being evacuated by mysterious airlifts

“Mysterious airlifting of some Taliban elements from areas of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border linking Waziristan have been reported by several sources and fears are growing that anti-Pakistan TTP terrorists are also being rescued by their “foreign allies” from across the border.

“The unexplained movements of “un-marked” helicopters and aircraft have been reported since the last few days along the Pak-Afghan border and one source claimed that they were being transported to the Eastern Afghanistan.

“Some experts believe that secret allies of the friendly-Talibans took the action in order to secure the militants from an assault in South Waziristan by Pakistani Armed Forces while others believe the secret evacuation was part of a larger deal between some Western States and “good Taliban.”

“The airlifting and evacuation of TTP leaders from South Waziristan coincided with a report by foreign news media or a similar mysterious evacuation of “militants” from South Afghanistan to North Afghanistan.

“An Iranian news site on October 18 reported that the “British Army has been relocating Taliban insurgents from southern Afghanistan to the north by providing transportation means.”

“Quoting diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity, the Iranian site claimed that insurgents are being airlifted from the southern province of Helmand to the north amid increasing violence in the northern parts of the country.

“The PressTV.com also claimed that “the aircraft used for the transfer have been identified as British Chinook helicopters.”

“The report suggested that the secret operation was being launched under the supervision of Afghan Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar, who “was still operating under the British guidance.”

“Last week Afghanistan’s Pajhwok news agency reported that “US ambassador scotched speculation that his country was helping terrorists in the north, saying America had nothing to do with the air-dropping of armed men from helicopters in Samangan, Baghlan and Kunduz provinces.”

“At an October 11 news conference in Kabul, President Hamid Karzai had himself claimed that “some unidentified helicopters dropped armed men in the northern provinces at night.”

“According to a Pajhowk news report President Karzai revealed “the government had been receiving evidence of the air-dropping of gunmen from mysterious helicopters in the provinces over the last five months.”

“A comprehensive investigation is underway to determine which country the helicopters belong to; why armed men are being infiltrated into the region; and whether increasing insecurity in the north is linked to it.” http://www.pakobserver.net/200910/19/news/topstories16.asp

Mehsud, used by the CIA to get US troops into Pakistan?

Baithullah Mehsud, a ‘deceased’ tribal leader in Pakistan, may have links to the CIA. (Winter Patriot: Is Pakistan’s “Public Enemy Number One” A CIA Asset ?. )

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  1. We can not avoid the fact that we are the most important character in the war against extremism. We must fight till the last breath and urge media FULL SUPPORT in it by reflecting secular ad moderate views and finish this hatred.

  2. manoliuval says:

    Barack Obama is a monkey Hitler AMERICAN HEBREW IMPERIASLISTA

    Communist torturers, mercenaries, terrorists, dissidents and agents of foreign governments organize and protect US-ISRAEL, GERMANY, RUSSIA, ITALY, UK, Japan, Holland and other plot for 20 years for looting and destruction of Romania.






    In 1989 Romania was the attention of international terrorist organizations and criminal Zionist Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group led by Donald Rumsfeld, George Shultz, Richard Holbrocke, Keith Alexander, David Rockefeller, Albert Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and others.




    3. International terrorist military attack against Romania
    In December 1989 the U.S., RUSSIA, GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE, HUNGARY, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, UK, Japan and others was attacked ROMANIA to Bilderbergers ORDER FOR DESTRUCTION OF ROMANIA AND ROMANIA FINANCIAL enslavement.
    Accused U.S., Israel, Russia, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Greece, Spain, Hungary terrorist military attack against Romania in December 1989 for dismantling, looting, destruction and ROMANIA extermination of the Romanian people.



    4. State terrorism INTERNATIONAL
    INTERNATIONAL state terrorism is planned, organized and financed by Bilderberg MASONIC GROUP and military support, media and Finance A NATO countries to attack states and peoples FOR looting, destruction and enslavement, in order HEBREW Planetary Colonization

    The Satanic SECT MASONIC HEBREW LEAD PLANET Organizes, finance and Planetary Separatist Grab extremist groups for attacks MILITARY AND INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST FOR HEBREW Planetary Colonization


  3. satwa gunam says:


    Let us presume for argument that USA / india is promoting Taliban. What is the offering of USA / India that is enticing these pakistani muslims to attack the BROTHER muslims.

    The whole site blames either isreal or usa or india for all the mess in pakistan. Has any time, you have taken time to do a self analysis to say what is the internal weakness of the pakistan psyche which is being exploited by the others.

    Unless that is indentified and cured, pakistan will continuously stay as a AID/S affect human whose internal system is not strong enough or fully eliminated.

  4. Sohail Ahmed says:

    Subsequent to Chaghi achievement, pakistanis did not do the proper follow up which was to entail necessary continued steps at various fronts like CIA-Mossad-RAW-Khad collusions (and its after-effects), Foreign Ministry (and depending on that the role of embassies throughout the world), taking care that traitors are not installed (we saw a kneeling-down dictatorship of worst kind), border security, corruption index and bad governance, bureaucratic and political milieu etc. The present state of affairs would have been much different had we gone for giving a proper identity to this country; we did not. With 96% muslims in this country, we are still struggling to prove that we are enlightened moderates and have nothing to do with prayers, mosques, minarets, beards and burqas. This all is bracketed in ‘munafqat’ and Allah SWT is hard on such people. A few true followers and believers are at a loss to understand how to make this islamic republic a true welfare state assuring the comity of nations that we are peace-loving people.

    We have to work through Ulema, Intellectuals, honest politicians and sincere bureaucrats/technocrats to take this country forward.

  5. Hira Mir says:

    This is a new type of car. The media has to change all this. It will take time but the media is capable of doing it I believe. The media has to stop showing all this thrill activities and fail the terrorists so even if they do something it is of no use. Think carefully before you air.

  6. Eraj Danish says:

    this is what the Taliban and al qaeeda do to our country. What do they have in mind while killing thousands of civilians. The people strictly condemn Pakistan just like the 2 attacks that took place in Lahore yesterday!! We need to fight extremism whatever it takes.

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