Operation New Dawn Exposed!

Pakalert August 21, 2010 1

by Zen Gardner

Promises, promises…

As promised and on schedule,” President Obama said US troops will end their combat mission in Iraq at the end of this month. Speaking before a group of Disabled American Veterans in Atlanta on Monday, the president said he was fulfilling a promise he made at Camp LeJeune in February 2009 to “bring the war to a responsible end.”

…This shift in forces also comes with a new name – as of September 1, US military forces will no longer be in Iraq as part of “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” but under the banner “Operation New Dawn.” (source)

Uh huh. Sure. With an overwhelming military presence firmly established in the middle east, failing polls and support at home, a deliberately polarized populace ready to vote anyone new they can find into office in November, you really think they’ll “let this crisis go to waste”?

They’re just announcing to their own they’re going through with ‘the plan’ and soon.

‘October Surprise’ World War 3?

It’s almost ludicrous watching John Bolton repeatedly prod the Israelis to strike Iran . The more propaganda they spew, the more inclined I am to believe they’re not getting the consensus they think they need for another war. Which doesn’t bode well. That means another false flag will have to be utilized to rouse the war weary Americans into another ‘patriotic’ frenzy. I fear the next one will be very, very ugly, but so drastic there will be no stopping whatever Big Brother wants to throw at us. Let’s hope that’s not the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Many believe WW3 already began with the invasion of Iraq and so many nations participating. All we need to know is that an inevitable global conflagration is on the agenda–they will move on Iran, and  most likely roll into Pakistan, and deliberately antagonize China to bait them along the way. From the writings of Freemason Albert Pike to the warnings of Werhner Von Braun and today’s lucid writings by people such as Webster Tarpley and others and the events transpiring before our eyes, everything points clearly to this coming conflict.

Here’s an apt video by Michel Chossudovsky on the subject:

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” – Confucius

What I find fascinating is this use of esoteric language and symbolism these controllers revel in. As we know, these controllers reside surreptitiously in private boardrooms, covert operations, secret societies and shadow governing positions.  Common to many of these occult (hidden) societies is sun worship, intertwined with luciferian beliefs,  Lucifer being the “light bearer”, based on the model of Prometheus who stole stole fire from the gods to give to man. It’s a big subject, but you can see their symbolism all around us.

A Taste of Sun Worship

The Masonic Sun

http://www.hiddenknowledge.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/masonic-sun-symbol.jpgThe Masons also took much of their ceremony from Egypt, the Sun being the most prominent symbol in their temples. They were forced to do this in secrecy because they feared persecution from the priests of the Christian God. They would have been burned at the stake or worse if their, so called, heresy, had been found out.

The Druid Sun

The religion of the Druids was also the same as the ancient Egyptians. The priests of Egypt were their teachers, whose theology came from Heliopolis, the City of the Sun.

Wise men Of The Countryside

The word Druid simply means ‘wise-man‘, the magi of Persia or the Teutons of Germany, all Sun worshippers. The Sun was the supreme being, the Moon the reflector of its light, a hierarchy of the heavens, without whom nothing came into being.

Sun Worship Never Benign

Sun worship has never been benign, always including the need for some sacrificial bloodshed, animal or human. The rites of the Sun and Moon, male and female, involved bloody sexual union, although seen as a spiritual event by Sun worshippers. (Source)


The Rising Sun. Sun worship is “the most ancient of all superstitions. It prevailed especially in Phoenicia, Chaldea, and Egypt, and traces of it have been found in Peru and Mexico. Its influence was felt in the ancient mysteries, and abundant allusions to it are to be found in the symbolism of Freemasonry.” Albert Mackey “Symbolism of Freemasonry (p.362) The sun sign known as a certain point within a circle, according to Mackey, was undoubtedly of phallic origin. Bill Clinton announced on Y2K, “It is a Rising Sun!” It has, in the past, been a symbol of the Egyptian god, Horus. It is considered by some, to represent the new age of Aquarius and the arrival of new radiation from the galactic core. “The Golden Dawn”. Solar worship has been a focal point for most religions. The swastika is a solar symbol, but have you ever wondered why Hitler canted the swastika?

The Canted Square. Within the rituals of occultic orders, such as the Freemasons, it is required that the candidate circle the altar of the lodge in a particular manner. It is called circumambulation. Circumambulation is the practice of “…making a circuit about a thing or in an area of reverence…” In Masonry, circumambulation involves the making of a circuit around the Lodge, while keeping the right hand toward the altar. “The rite is symbolic of the apparent daily course of the sun, and was undoubtedly derived from the ancient sun-worship.” “During the circuits of the lodge room, corners should be squared in accordance with the ancient tradition of “squaring the lodge”. Further, the Entered Apprentice during initiation shall proceed to the northeast corner of the Lodge three times during the circumambulation, the Fellowcraft during passing shall proceed there four times, and the Master being raised shall proceed there five times.

Sun Worship Permeates Our Culture

While a “new dawn” can sound innocuous enough, and clearly the sun is a profound influence on our lives and an ever-present image, take a deeper look at some of these images and see what you think…

(BTW, while these symbols do have inherent meanings and intended occult powers, a lot of the modern usage is also used to communicate amongst themselves who is “in the know” or “one of the brotherhood”. Good language to know so you know who you’re dealing with and who to avoid.)




Lightbearer?..below was a gift from the French Freemasons to the US..




(the list goes on…)

Of course Freemasonry and it’s influences are rife with it..



Hollywood is on board as well…(they especially love the “illuminated eye” symbol but present it many ways…)


click to zoom


And antiquity paved the way….





(this is one worth looking into….)

So, THAT’S Operation New Dawn. Same old song. But that’s a little smattering of where these guys are coming from, and hope to go to.  I know most of you reading this are very familiar with this subject, but for the new initiates I really encourage you to research and find out for yourself what ‘lies behind the lies’ and get to the truth of these matters. It’s all out there–at least for now.

We know love, light and truth will win the day, but it seems these control freaks who’ve been pestering mankind for millenia, whatever their source, know we are waking up, so they are stepping it up with this last fling before their evil selfishness collapses in on itself. Till then, keep the wake up rolling and passing it on however you’re called. As we let the light in, the darkness has to flee. Love,  Zen

Video: Gog and Magog in the Modern Age

The evidence and arguments presented in this lecture on Gog and Magog succeeded in convincing many that we now live in a world dominated by Gog and Magog.



Video: Dajjal – The False Messiah

An incredible lecture on the Anti-Christ, deconstruction current geo-political events by Sheikh Imran Hosein.


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  1. Jerfob August 31, 2010 at 3:02 am - Reply

    You do realise that the BP symbol is meant to be a flower and not the sun? And whats with all this fear of worshiping the Sun, as Moby said “we are all made of stars”. Everything in our solar system came from the sun, without it we would be nothing, the Earth would be nothing, the planets would be nothing. Our ancient ancestors realised this and so praised it, it makes more sense to me than praying to some christain-judeo-muslim god. And sacrifice, have you read your history? No 3 religions have been more barabaric toward their fellow man (and continue to be) than the 3 I just mentioned. So lets stop giving ‘pagan’ religions a hard time.

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