Organization & Structure of a German Infantry Division in World War 2


The organization and structure of a German infantry division. This video includes a description of the various regiments, battalions and companies. The video …


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  1. Was just playing hearts of iron 3 today. I never realized that the counters were standardized.

  2. I'd love to see a modern German Army composition video.

  3. Nice video man! Sehr gut!

  4. I have some interesting questions for you.

    So did German infantry use anti tank rifles in 1939? If so, how many and how were they distributed in the units?

    Also were the reserve divisions of western front (1939) equipped with 36 105mm and 12 150mm howitzers?
    I have once read that Germany had about 2000 150 mm howitzers at the start of the war. If Germany had just over 100 divisions at the start that works out at less than 1200 150 mm howitzers (armoured divisions had 8 of such howitzers if I can remember correctly). So is the 2000 figure wrong or did Germany have extra stocks/extra guns at corps level?

  5. ManSchripp says:

    Hervorragendes Video ;D! Strukturiert, Anständig umgesetzt und auf hohem Niveau!
    Schau mal hier vorbei falls dich das interessiert …. warum kann ich keinen link einfügen?
    PS.: Bin auch längjähriger BICE Fan ;D

  6. xardas110 says:

    awesome vids! keep it up

  7. Nirvana o.O says:

    wow! This has to be one of the best new channels iv ever seen one youtube, CGPGray lever great. Thanks very much hope you makes more!

  8. oberstul says:

    This is a great video, mate! Cheers!

  9. Wait, isn't a brigade immediately below a Division?

  10. Connor Zunft says:

    Outstanding video! Great job. Definitely subscribed!

  11. GE GHA says:

    Great work

  12. Is Panzergrenadier Div considered as motorized infantry division or Panzer div with infantry div combined?

  13. question: are the 15cm howitzers in the artillery unit SiG 33? or did they just use anything of that calibre?

  14. Elektrycerz says:


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