Oshkosh 2016: Busy Sunday Arrivals


Gather beside Runway 27 at Oshkosh for busy, busy aircraft arrivals of all types; TBMs, Mooneys en masse, Texans, Mustangs, Sky King’s Cessna 310 from the …


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  1. WumbologyTM says:

    Tbf/tbms, bonanzas, alphajets, dc3s? This'll be great :D

  2. r aeronca says:

    Another wonderful video thank you for posting.

  3. richuar says:

    That's a busy day for air traffic control and that Corsair pilots feet too! Fascinating video :)

  4. wn6904k says:

    In a word………..CRAZY !!!!! great video too

  5. Many thanks for this and your other videos just recently posted. I was surprised at the number of civilian aircraft coming in as I was always under the impression that the majority of the aircraft were ex-military.

  6. Ah man.. I really need to go one time

  7. holly crap that is a busy airport

  8. Can't believe I'm missing Osh for the first time in 8 years! Love this video.

  9. Great stuff! I plan to be there a few days coming up this week.

  10. PA99er says:

    Glad I wasn't working ATC for this one!

  11. best movie of the year

  12. MrWinger1951 says:

    Very well done, thanks for posting.

  13. bigroy38 says:

    Hope the A-26 that hurt her nose gear feels better.

  14. bigroy38 says:

    The Cessna at 1:47 WTH?That was a weird landing.

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