OSW World War 3 Intro!


World War 3 1995! http://oswreview.com/media/oswreview59/ Intro by the incredible Gordon Price of http://www.pricevfx.com!


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  1. mark84j says:

    Database error?!?! :(

  2. MrJeffy45 says:

    I get a database error on that link?

  3. Sonicplys 64 says:

    Stranger Things like Hulk Hogan

  4. BatNapalm says:

    Happy days truly are here again!

  5. Z Romblad says:

    Y'know what'd have been smart. If this Wrestling show bothered to had the two WRESTLE over the ending, in which MM (my preference) or Hogan put themselves over with a clean match rather than just pure bitching about it. My God, that end was shit.

  6. Mark Five says:

    Hogan. The greatest wrestler of all time, brother.

  7. 002Trance says:

    The cuntery of hulk hogan ahahahah

  8. Um guys..? is the website already down?

  9. Easy Eubanks says:

    just as i thought i was going to suffer through this giant leftover chinese takeout dump on the toilet alone, OSW Review posts World War 3! PRAISE PAUL ORNDORFF!

  10. It's unbelievable how exciting it is when a new episode comes out! You guys are my favourite show on any format

  11. LuckyDT says:

    Yaaaaaas! Day = made!

  12. Will Cooke says:

    I found a WCW Saturday Night taping where Ric Flair defends the WCW Heavyweight Championship against Sgt. Craig Pittman…

    I shit you not…

    Here's the link: https://youtu.be/XM_IhnGgHZQ

  13. Paul Kraus says:

    Great stuff as always.

  14. MadDogOfist says:

    I am literally at Nog-Con 1.

  15. ItzNugget095 says:

    Jay and the Steves will never be a boy, they are the wrestling podcast champions of Ireland

  16. natopacific says:

    Yes Yes YES!!! Because WE deserve a view of OUR video!!

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