Ottawa, Sydney, Paris, Brussels… What City Is Next On the Illuminati Falseflag Hit List?


My latest video: “The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY” …


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  1. Look under your bed for the Boogeyman. Be afraid… be very afraid. Satan is on the loose…

  2. James Vozar says:

    Spot on!! Nice compilation ,now if someone can just get to their power source CERN ,their tool for shock and horror,climate chaos,(magnetic disturbances,loud booms,crazy colored skies,earthquakes…….and more to come),did you know they have a magnet 100,0000 times more powerful than our magnetic field,they have a really big show planned unless we can pull the plug!

  3. Henry Homes says:

    People in Belgium didn't even blink over this event. I think people already know the score. The 1%er's will however kill their own people to advance their agenda, and that my friends is a crime against humanity…

  4. What I was reminded of was Orson Welles being on the radio acting out the War of the Worlds. Totally scaring Americans, that didn't catch the part about it not being real. Lots of panic and confusion, even suicides. These newspeople are still acting out the drama. So what do we do? Question everything.

  5. Fear is their weapon of choice, and as we can see it works extremely well for them on the lame stream indoctrinated sheeple! But it's the sheeple that I fear the most as it is their fault that we who know better are losing everything we hold dear! Shame on the sheeple for caring less about what's happening to us all!! God help us!

  6. Is anyone going to address this #fakeshit ? Oh, sorry I already am. :)

  7. Adam W says:

    France doesn't have a prime minister, it has a president

  8. Marney Cohen says:

    All Soldiers need to just stop going to war, but most soldiers and people are brainwashed! Divide and conquer like all the other wars. NWO agenda

  9. Yea Right says:

    Spot on with Brussels! Good work. 322 skull and bones

  10. Carlo Stefan says:

    Wow, Brussels was just attaked

  11. this fits in exaclty on what i have learned from all the info. The plan is getting togetjher and a lot more people will get afraid and want total control exactly what they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see that there are enough people not eating this shit. let´s wait to see who will finally win the game…

  12. Domo says:

    Today is 3-22, skull and bones number. And look what happened in Brussels. One of Cities you mentioned Global Agenda.

  13. Drann0n says:

    Wait what the fuck, this was from 2015. Where's next? Want to make sure my family and friends are no where close.

  14. subbed. finally music videos worth playing at my parties

  15. aventail says:

    Brussels22 March2016->ZAKAmossadCIA . SydneyASIOmossad joint op. it's the SAME ' MAFIA ' worldwide. The term ' terrorism ' was first used ( created) to refer toZionistJew murder gangs killing innocent civilians and British Peacekeeper troops during thePalestineMandate era . After torture and hanging the British Pracekeepers , they wouldBoobytrap the bodies , achieving more deaths during body recovery . This degenerate mafia have no intention of stopping until they get full spectrum dominance . J E W W A T C H . C O M , I A M T H E W I T N E S S . C O M

  16. LOSE THE FUCKING MUSIC and stop with the shaky cameras………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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