Overcoming Your Fear of Death



There is no place to conceal from God and progressive excellent…The aspiration that will make adult men great also will make them fearless and free of charge…there are no problems past man’s solution…the evil in adult men simply cannot prevail over the goodness of God.

one. There is no place to conceal from God and progressive excellent.

Extra people today, cash, thoughts and love are doing work for the success of men’s excellent dreams than at any time before in human record. We are not going from brink to brink of despair and wreck, but from peak to peak of accomplishment. The trouble is, we are moving so quickly we hardly have time to cover the lowlands in between the peaks. This makes confusion which opens many to dread. All the horrifying and knotted problems of now are person-built and can be solved.

two. Humanity is not going to the canine.

It is going to God. For to locate God, the final portion of the Who, What, Exactly where, When, How and Why of the story of person is man’s finest drive. Science, faith and philosophy are headed in that path. They always have been. But now, each acknowledges the assert of the other and all are doing work jointly.

A few evil adult men with blood on their palms and dread in their hearts and as a result lies and violence, simply cannot stop tomorrow’s excellent. Evil breaks the regulation of love and is as a result silly and doomed to eventual failure. Fantastic is from God and excellent adult men will bring it into reality. There is almost nothing even bigger than a excellent person besides God.

3. Character will hardly ever run dry of innovative thoughts.

Civilization will not split down, use out or blow up.

The human race appears to be to go down for a when, but hardly ever out. All through the time quickly after Napoleon experienced squandered Europe with war, many rich and titled adult men dedicated suicide simply because the finish of matters experienced arrive for humanity. But correct then steam arrived in and a whole new entire world of wealth, wisdom and happiness followed.

4. Peace for earnings and progress.

This is the digital and space age. What will we not do? And locate? And find out? If we can maintain the peace we will discover we do not need to have a war economic system which so many dread will split The united states. We may well effectively have arrive to the finish of the danger of war simply because there now is no choice to peace but death. All the leaders in the entire world know this. Individuals do their finest expanding in decades of peace. We are coming to it, peace for earnings.

5. Revenue is not security.
The popularity of what I connect with the Communist “belly security” is quickly dropping floor. Tens of millions previously are understanding the fallacy of cash remaining security. “Safety is hardly ever enough. To all of us ought to arrive the understanding faster or afterwards that the only legitimate security is of God,” said Arthur J. Morris, banker and founder of the Morris Program.

The many are setting up to converse about what the few always have regarded: security comes from understanding, ethics, morals, character, love at do the job in people. Tens of millions are now agreed that adult men, arms, firepower, rules of the land, simply cannot help save even our lives, permit by yourself protect us from dread. Some are understanding cooperation. But are there enough? And in time? Sure. For illustration:

Einstein said that if two for every cent of the people today on earth would make your mind up on what they desired to do with the entire world they could manage it. Individuals with God’s aspiration in their heart do not want to manage the entire world. They want circumstances set up so that just about every person can carry a aspiration in his heart and be left fairly free of charge to try out to make it arrive legitimate. They see that in this approach lies the safety and expansion of the human race. That important two for every cent previously exist and are understanding of each other. They will not stop their battle for independence right until it is received.

If we have faith in in each other and God, we will see that all dread is without foundation.


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