Overflight Drone Tests Mistaken as UFOs

truther August 2, 2012 1

A saucer shaped drone has been mistaken for a UFO as the unmanned craft that can fly high above the CONUS (Continental United States) on pre-programed missions.

This is an example of the police state in which we have been brought into after state sponsored events such as the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.

These drones are based out of Edwards Air Force Base and raise an eyebrow as Edwards has been a hotbed for UFO activity in the past.

KSN.com recently reported;

The mysterious cargo has since identified as the X-47B drone.

It’s now at the Patuxent River Naval Station for testing, along with the only other drone of its type in the world.

The unmanned drones capture images and gather other intelligence and can fly above 40,000 feet.

They have no tail and folding wings and are shorter and wider than many drones, in order to easily fit on a carrier.

“This aircraft flies itself – it’s autonomous, as we say — so it takes off by itself, flies around the preplanned mission, and it will come back and land all on its own,” lead test engineer Matt Funk explains. “It’s controlled by keyboard and mouse. There’s no direct stick-and-throttle control like a manned aircraft.”

In the fall it will become the first drone stationed at sea.

Here is a segment put together by the local news station:


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