Pablo Escobar Vs. ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán: Everything you need to Know


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  1. Joseline C says:

    i miss Pablo ??

  2. I wonder if Pablo would of been alive in this era with this technology and fire power what more would he had done. El Chapo is big cause he is the best active right now. much respect to both of them.

  3. Griselda Blanco would be a better comparison to El Chapo

  4. SpLiC3 says:

    When i look to the biggest players, Escobar is the only name really. He blew a fucking plane up just to kill 2 people, brutal.

  5. Government was way weaker back then, technology was far less efficient back then, less people were authorities back then, their was less people alive back then, yes even just 50 years ago their was still way less people compared to today, less people means less reports, less reports mean higher hiding advantage, puto escoball had too many advantages back then, el chapo tho is living that impossible life, you try being a most wanted criminal and hide at this very age of technology and government power, near impossible. But chapo makes it look easy, chapo wins, pendeho escockatoo looses

  6. El chapo is the best anyone who think otherwise is a dumbass and should do research and if your sayin he owned his own prison and that's y he's better than your dumb it's a new era governments are way more strict now and when it comes down to it they were both poor and wanted money and who got more? El chapo

  7. Young D says:

    Pablo el Rey el duro aste Chapo trabajo pa el

  8. Young D says:

    Pablo when out like a thug really shot back when they came to get him Thug Life??
    Chapo put his hands up and gave up Bitch Mode?

  9. dDarklegend says:

    Let's just be grateful that El Chapo is less violent than Pablo and doesn't blow up commercial airplanes since we live in the same era he exists.

  10. dDarklegend says:

    We may atleast get a Netflix show about Pablo after 10 years or 20

  11. LA Moves says:

    What do you guys think of amado corrillo lord of the sky?boss or not?he also made serious money

  12. YoBilal says:

    listennnn u guys pablo transfer shit when anything was possible u could have a pack of dust on ur hand and walk through security

  13. kelly ingram says:

    Some of you are saying Pablo only delt in coke and EL Chapo deals in a variety of drugs and that makes him boss. Just look at the facts what else did Pablo need to deal in he was making himself and his Cartel a ridiculous sum of money why would he bother with pot, meth, and any other drug you can mention. He was averaging out to have been making 60 MILLION PER DAY!!!. And that was in the 80's & early 90's. He hired a Guerrilla group called the M-19 to take siege of the Supreme Court to burn any and all evidence they had on him. He gave the law a choice of Silver or Lead meaning take money or bullets. He made the President bow to him the President gave in to all of his demands also allowing him to build his own prison (aka Club Medellin) that Pablo himself ran and designed. He hired his own prison guards and staff he had trucks come in every week to bring supplies and hookers. It had its own Soccer Field, Casino, Bar, Gym, and AirPort so he could fly in friends, family, and Cartel members to continue his business. His only fatal flaw was the love for his family that's what finally got him killed. I just don't see any comparison. Look how many movies and documentaries they have about him and I just don't see EL Chapo ever reaching that kind of celebrity he's gonna have to do a lot more heavy hits big moves to even be in El Patron's league. Come on guys just read their history. Those that say that the Police have better and bigger guns now then they did back in Pablo's days. I'm pretty sure that Pablo didn't go to the future and get laser guns and lightsaber's needless to say Pablo was using the same or equal weapons as the cops had besides he had los pepes, search block (trained by U.S. Special forces), cops, D.E.A, CIA, and U.S. special forces pulling strings and using high tech equipment from the shadows. Just face it Pablo Escobar it the King of Cocaine and the King of Bad Asses. Pablo by far wins this contest.

  14. It's Jones says:

    Funny that both had connections to the CIA

  15. Elijah Ramos says:

    I use to buy from them

  16. Both el chapo and pablo were catholics i believe and el chapo killed a mexican cardinal. That's something even Pablo didn't have the balls to do. In terms of evil, i think el chapo wins that round.

  17. axgcat says:

    its funny how people watch Narcos & they instantly become drug & criminal scholars.

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