Pad Thai Taste test tour with a Thai Chef


eats like no one is watching ! ” Watch the video more impressive in BuzzFeedVideo ! Http:// MUSIC Regular Guy One of a Kind Pushin …


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  1. Derpy derp says:

    I'm not sure if this is spelt correctly -you guys should try tom khai Giye – its amazing Thai food

  2. steven is like a compliment for a real basic guy out there.
    he is not basic at all. he is cute.

  3. Jasmin D says:

    Tasting pad thai?! Like, for work? You get paid to eat it? When can I send in my CV to you?!?

  4. meganeechan says:

    This video was uploaded during my birthday. Alright then.

  5. CRAVINGS. so much crave.

  6. Just started watching and damn am I starting to like this Channel I'm a big damn foody fan and just love seeing them… lol #Food hahahahahhaha okay I have never done a hashtag in my life but now I'm so laughing right now okay back to watching lol ps. It's night here hahahahahhahaha 

  7. Wait I forgot something lol

  8. Okay I think my texty thing just got deleted loling right now hhhahaha

  9. Yip probs stop from spamming hahahha

  10. Pad Thai tastes Like I Swallow a iPad and I Burp

  11. these food telephone/tours are my fav thing on buzzfeed, keep 'em coming!

  12. It is 1 AM. I told myself not to watch this. Ughhh I want Pad Thai

  13. Andrew Lal says:

    Freddie is so cute

  14. Bonnie Groom says:

    I hate how Pad Thai is the generic Thai food for most people. Like, no.

  15. orangefoilv3 says:

    definitely into this

  16. Jada Marie says:

    I ship Freddie and Steven so hard lol

  17. Aseap says:

    Chris is a cool dude

  18. Pad Thai from Krua Thai in North Hollywood is the best pad thai in LA!!

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