Pakistan: CIA Involved in Fuelling Sectarian Violence between Shias and Sunnis


By PakReport

Sectarian Violence

In the following lines a summary of the interview with Dr. Michael Brant published in the book, “A Plan to Divide and Destroy the Theology” (the book is no more available in the market) is presented to illuminate the involvement of CIA in inciting violence between different groups of Muslims.

Dr. Brant was the right hand of the ex-CIA chief. Due to his improper use of money and authority Dr. Brant was discharged from his post. In turn he revealed many secret plans and BlackOps of the CIA. On the whole, he provides specific information about funding the BlackOps using drug money from Afghanistan to the tune of billions of dollars.

Dr. Brant talks in specific about 1983 in which a secret conference took place attended by the top spy-masters of the world. In this conference the British secret service also participated. Aim of the conference was to tackle the “situation of Muslims”. Britain having a vast experience with these countries was to have key ideas about what to do with regards to the Muslim factions.

At the end of the conference a project was launched for which a special section was be made. The budget fixed was 4 million dollars annually. According to Dr. Micheal Brant the project was divided into 3 stages, namely: (1) Data collection (2) Short term Goals and (3) Long term Goals.

First State – Data Collection

In the first stage research scholars were sent around the world to the Muslim countries, including to Pakistan. Ironically, the six scholars who visited Pakistan were given warm welcome and hospitality.

The Result:

After all this research, according to Dr. Brant, they came to the conclusion that:

Shia leaders are more difficult to be bought off than Sunnis. Shiites, especially in Iran are very strong about the principles and beliefs. They have never, in the vast Shiite history, given allegiance to any ruling authority that is not practicing Islam. In other words, infiltrating the highest echelons of Shia theocracy would be nearly impossible. On the other hand, the Sunni theocracy is a completely different story. The British experience in British India had shown the Mullas are dime a dozen. For a few rupees the Mullas issued fatwas to the tune of anything the Brits willed.

Next Stage – The Goals

The shorter version of the plan is:

Bring to the top those Sunni leaders who hate Shiites and give them all the necessary “equipment” to forcefully demonstrate their hatered and superiority. Simulteneously spread anti-Shiite propaganda throughout the Muslim world, making sure the Shias are pushed back to the wall so much that they are left with no choice but to retaliate. In Muslims countries, suddenly Sunni extremist factions rose from nowhere, and to the surprise of many, armed to the teeth and brimming with dollars (and not faith). Also, a part of the approach was to sideline the rational Muslim philosophers and thinkers of the time and distort or destroy the writings of such thinkers of the past. As a result of this, not only fatwas were passed by the most prominent Mullas against the most distinguished Muslim Philosophers of the time, but even the revolutionaries like Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were declared Kafirs (non-Muslims).

The research also suggested to start decades long projects in the Shiite communities, from the grassroots levels and bring up completely new breed of traitors who would be in position of prominence two or even three decades later. During this time, also encourage writers and scholars to distort the teachings and fundamental beliefs of Shiites and spend vast tracts of monies on producing enormous amounts of literature to counter the existing literature. The British had done exactly the same thing during their reign on the Indian Subcontinent in the twentieth century.

A Date – 2010

It was calculated that by 2010 the situation between Shias and Sunnis would be so bad that USA would be able to capitalize upon it to its maximum benefit. Also, with its stooges in already in place at the top theocratic positions in Sunni factions and the new breed of Shia scholars reaching the top positions (nurtured by the CIA from the start), US wouldn’t have to sacrifice a lot.

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  1. Salam.

    I am very interested in translating and publishing the book in Indonesia.
    Anyone knows how I can contact the author or the US publisher?


  2. Sohrab Ferdows says:

    My dear friends, my email address is publically available as a contributor to different forums but beware that unfortunately, I would not be able to read and respond to every single email I get while appreciating all informative materials that I constantly receive from different sources. I am glad that you can see what I am trying to convey and I must say I have much more to talk about which I may in due time if opportunity arrives. Please feel welcome to contact me through email if you wish:

  3. Khudi says:

    What a nice piece of writing by Mr. Sohrab Ferdows. I totally agree with him. I wish we could approach our politics with this ideology. Would really like his contact email, if he is reading this.

  4. Sohrab Ferdows says:

    My dear Pakistani friends, your assumptions that Islamic regime in Iran is a real enemy of United States or the west because they make a lot of noise about it, is very unrealistic and baseless. Also, your argument that no Shiite clergies have ever cooperated with Brits or other western governments is absolutely false. Please beware that western powrs have been using their own unquestionable influence over Islamic religious (both Shiite and Sunni and also others) in order to manipulate masses in Islamic countries for a very long time and they have been very sucessful so far.

    I just give you one example about how the noise made by Islamic regime in Iran against Israel has helped no one but big western corporations who have managed to sell tens of $biliions of their junk weapons to oil rich Arab countries of Persian Gulf for fear of breaking a new war in the region. The sale of these junk weapons have been so massive that no old weapon was left in the stockpiles of any of the manufactureres. The amount of sale drained currency reserves of some of these nations who really have nothing other than oil to make money from which will not last for very long.

    Please beware that your salvation is not in either Shiite or Sunni involvement in politics and governing of the nation. You need to stay away from religious politics and do not allow any religious leader to manipulate you and your people because almost all thos religious leaders who get involved in politics are stooges of foreigners and serve their own masters while pretending to be spiritual. Late General Zia-ul-Haq was a good leader for Pakistan who although started his reign with promisses to US government but he later turned his back on them for the interest of his people. His efforts towards a stable peace with India was not liked by western arms manufacturers who have a great role in politics of west (including USA) and his views towards stability in Afghanistan after declaration of general amnesty by Afghani government in 1987 was in direct conflict with views and policies of US administration who wanted nothing less than a “Islamic” government in Afghanistan for certain reasons. Declaration of first Islamic Republic of the world in Pakistan by late Gerneral Zia was also an attempt by him to convince westerners (particularly Americans) of his compliance until later when he tried to seperate himself from Americans by implementing the policies for betterment of his own nation.

    I was in Pakistan when I heard in one of his speeches in Pakistan’s parliament, he said that Afghan mujahedin should go back to their country and participate in reconstruction of their homeland and establishment of a lasting and stable peace for the sake of their own people. That was in direct conflict with policies of the west which during the same days, gave a red carpet reception to one of the extremist leaders of mujahedin, Gulbodin Hekmatyar, in the White House. The same night, I told some one who was sitting near me that General Zia has entered a dangerous game in which he may lose his head. It is true that he was target of assassinations before but I had seen him personally that how much he was loved by ordinary Pakistani people on the streets. He was later killed in a mysterious airplane crash and investigations about that ended “inconclusively”.

    Genreal Perviz Musharaf had the opportunity to become another Zia for Pakistan but apparently the threat by Americans against him was so harsh and so obvious that he decided to get out of the way to protect himself and his own family. I am sure if he knew that Pakistani people would support him and would protect him, he could serve their interest better than most current Pakistani politicians that I know of and are linked with western interests in one way or another. Religious leaders and religious politicians are all about serving the interests of their masters rather than people. You need to keep that in mind all the time. Don’t let yourself to be manipulated by those who want to take advantage of your religious belief system.

  5. Growing up i was aware that there were sunnis and shias but it never was a real issue.
    But since the last 15years there has been a gradual increase highlighting the sunni shia issue. in some salafi/wahabi circles it has become an obsession.( ironically the wahabi movement has its origins linked to the british empire who put the guardians of the two holy shrines (another title given by the brits to AL Saud) the blessed Saudi family in power.

    Divide and rule is a classic tactit used in ideological and military warfare and the fact that that the other side is looking successful in this venture should wake us up the masses.

    But then the masses have always been asleep through out history. Its always been a small group of focused individuals who have changed things.
    The 80/20 rule

  6. Mustafa Shaban says:

    This article may or may not be true but even if it is true it should not cause divide among muslim brothers….even if this were true it dusnt prove that one is better than the other. For some reason I have a feeling that this article is true since Iran is the only country really standing up 2 Israel. But this is my opinion and I could be totally wrong.

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