Part 1- Obama’s December 6, 2015 Terrorism Speech & Signs of World War III (Holograms & 1984)


In this video I expose 11 years of Obama to support the propaganda that fueled the war of the terrorism , the democratic Keynote Address in 2004 , for …



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  1. Eddie Jones says:

    You can tell just by looking at Baracks eyes from 2004 and the eyes now here in 2015 to realise what being a sell bitch does to the soul… he looks old but, the eyes look weary and very tired.

  2. in his speac it didnt look rwal, like it was green screen or a hologram!! sounded so scripted too

  3. Both administration's are the same with the same agenda. No need to expect anything new 🙂 Nice work bro

  4. Irie Dread says:

    Brilliant video as always

  5. Is this the Truman show or what? What the fuck is going on? How can these satanic scumbags get away with this? Does this prove God and Jesus are real? Is the bible altered/made up or really the infallible word of God? Why is it so contradictory? How can we trust any religion, any book supposedly inspired by the creator of the universe, or anything perpetuated by any authority figure what so ever? Are we being controlled by aliens? How is this numerology so specific and how are they pulling it off? This proof is undeniable for sure, but mind-boggling. The matrix is real isn't it? Fuck this is INSANE!!! What is the purpose to this planet and this life? Oh, and fuck the NFL!

  6. Actually, he/they do tell the truth in these speeches, like when they say things like ''They hate us for our freedoms''. That statement is true… Well almost.. except for the  substitution of the boogiemen for themselves. This con is so obvious when we see the only solutions ever offered for the boogieman is to pass laws that take away what little freedoms that are left.

  7. You should have way more subs dude. I look forward to your vids every day.

  8. I missed that speech, along with most of the others. I can't take it. Very interesting video. Obama has done what he wanted to do and no one has impeached him. Clinton was impeached for doing the naughty, but Obama can make up stuff and write a law and bypass everyone else. Shameful.

  9. dave cee says:

    The main steam media is absolutely their weapon of mass deception. What I believe is happening right now they are getting behind in the game so they are throwing it all at us now . They need this next war to continue their reign over us and to keep themselves in power through this mass distraction of A WORLD WAR III. They definitely know when humanity reaches the tipping point to awareness of the deception we have been subject to EVERY ONE of us will realize we have been duped . Only then will A change take place and there can finally be peace. KEEP BEATING THE DRUMS (or washing those potatoes) it is about over and they realize it. I can see it in their eyes and I can hear it in their lies

  10. This satanic scripted speech was exactly 13 minutes long….December 6 = 666 ( 12th Month ( 2 x 6 ) + 6th Day ).

  11. SuperChoob says:

    I happen to live near a high school, and had a threat for it… usually it's College Campuses right, and was like wtf?! And realized the Gematria of yesterday sorry not yesterday, the 6th. 17 33, yep 33 we'll see if this "threat" is real for the school.

  12. i love how believe has lie is it like beLIEve haha

  13. PREACH!!!!!!

    whats funny is my dad and i were watching that same Obama speech in 2004 and my dad said: "This man will be president in 4 years." amazing but dark charisma Obama has…great video again Zach!!!

  14. nice work, hey have you done a piece on john lennon?

  15. love your work as always!!

  16. supermot34 says:

    As soon as I looked at that speech I thought it looked green screened. It was painfully bad. Don't they have a real whitehouse to film in?

  17. He can't call the terrorist ISIS because she's was a real Egyptian goddess which he wishes he was a supposed god.

  18. You nuts have too much free time on your hands…

  19. cali524 says:

    SUPER vid Zach!!

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