Part 1- Religion, World Wars & Recognizing Its Role In World War 3 (Why I Choose to Abstain)




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  1. jake says:

    What would make anyone of us….
    how many times does the Bible talk abot JESUS casting out
    unclean SPIRIT'S. ..Well God became a man in a Virgin birth,
    the only thing that could give anyone who would REPENT
    A chance at ETURNEL life…JESUS DIED FOR ME. ..WILL YOU
    LET HIM SAVE YOU. ..because I have done all thease things,
    I aborted my baby…MURDER. ..I AM GUILTY THEM ALL. .his Blood is the price he paid….PAID IN FULL…JESUS I AM SO SORRY. ..THANK YOU FOR YOUR MERCY LORD. ..

  2. JESUS REIGNS says:

    Also all religions are not the same… if you believe that then you are falling for the lie and propaganda the pope himself is pushing… called "ONE WORLD RELIGION" GOOGLE IT… also Goggle "AQUARIUS AGE OF EVIL"… exposing illuminati, luciferians…aka sun worshipers… satan (adversary)…All religions contradict one another…. there can be only one… Jesus said he is the TRUTH… either he is or hes lying… which do you believe? "truth seeker"…
    "Contradict – They Can't All Be True!"

  3. JESUS REIGNS says:

    Also real Biblical Hebrews and jews were originally mostly black/dark color skin… check my playlist on the REAL JESUS and the REAL HEBREWS/JEWS of The Bible… the truth is shocking… i love Truth and do not lie to you. Shalom.

  4. John Johnson says:

    I believe that Jesus is a metaphor of some kind. In geometry, the cross is an unfolded cube. And the cube represents saturn and saturns control. I think jesus represents the breaking of saturns curse, aka freedom from sin. I too believe that theres more to it than believing the story. I dont really know what to believe in the bible, but i understand what the cross symbolizes.

  5. John Johnson says:

    Creation theory vs big bang theory:
    Adam, Eve. Atom, evolve.

  6. Secret Menu says:

    Zack, You should shoot a video sometime, I mean not a pornography, but something where you do not have any clothes on. Shower or something like that. Your girlfriend would like watching it anyways.

  7. Gary Nann says:

    So true my friend all these holy books are allegorical and phycology Jews and Greeks wrote bible many books have been removed reason for this they don't want the people to know truth all the characters in bible never existed they were in my opinion named after characters of human emotions Joseph in old testament has same story as Jesus they were both rebels that were against governments and preachers they never wanted anybody to worship them they trying tell you kingdom of heaven is within us and don't be fooled by lies they were trying to break people from the matrix that's why that movie matrix was so powerful

  8. the bible is literally jewish sorcery, which is the overt irony.

    And i get what you mean about following jesus but not christianity, but even he is questionable at times

  9. Elpis 61 says:

    How about if Jesus died on the cross and freed us from our sins because we are born in sin on this earth that belongs to Satan.Satan sinned and fell from heaven down to his Domain that was given to him by God ,(before Satan rebelled against God)Satan is the boss of this world.To put Jesus on a cross,or an extended X, could have been for the purpose of mocking Gods son while killing him. (remember X is 6 and there were three crosses which would make it 666).I believe the letter X is used quite a lot in society today.(X marks the spot,X for extra,triple X for porn,XXX means" I love you"(lol),X is the seal of Satan ,planet X,click on X to exit ,X factor,X is for No,X is 24(2+4=6),the number of man)etc.How about if crucifying Jesus trapped Satan inside the Abyss and all symbolism and negative energy created today is to bring him out of there.

  10. hey you should check out firebrand ministries 3 earth ages on YouTube it sounds like it may make sense to you. Jesus died on the cross to forgive sins because we all existed thousands of years ago. an Satan was once called lucifer an he guarded God's throne an Satan got prideful an caused 1/3 of God's children to worship Satan an God was angry so he destroyed that age an let everyone to be born in this flesh age out of free will to come to God willingly or not. an those people you called a Christian are just using that as a cloak to justify what they do. I think that's wrong. personally I wouldn't blame you for your choice. I hope you do come around though to the real truth if not you will have your chance when everything is set back right. that's one thing they forget is Christ is the first step the milk. people don't read the meat anymore that reveals the deeper truths. once they got that they need to study. psalms 22 was written 1000 yrs before Christ was crucified. he died on the cross because we all existed in spiritual bodies an some people followed Satan at his rebellion. in the beginning God created the heaven an the earth. and the earth became without form an void because Satan rebelled so God destroyed that age an gave us a chance to be born in this flesh to see who would follow satan. an he'll is not what people think all souls go to heaven there is a Gulf in heaven that divides the good from the bad. people don't burn in the sense of what people think. an the lake of fire doesn't exist right now an it's not burning forever but to exist no more. never checked your videos out just stumbled across this one by accident. have a good day

  11. Hoi Banpang says:

    I woud consider you a luciferian

  12. 1justinbowen says:

    great vid! jesus christ translates to iesous christos aka hail zeus the annointed one. crisco cooking oil was originally named christos, but changed it as it was too close to christ. most sheeple need a shepherd. the 12 zodiacle "disciples/scribes" cobbled together a story for the herd during the flavian dynasty to direct and control the godless (shepherdless) massess all the while still getting their $ and loosh to zeus .(insert any god name its the same entity) christianity is directly allegorical to the planetary seasons and cycles, jesus shares a birth day and life story with soo many previous dieties from crucifixions to sun gods.
    (and yes u can get invoke the holy spirit) happened to a very religious friend of mine and it told him to kill himself, so he ran his truck off the road, almost died, then spent time in a straight jacket. this happened after the preacher and deacons "laid hands" upon him in the back of the church. he started speaking in tounges, he is now medicated. be careful of being deceived and what spirit u ask into your heart.. dont ask any!! each of us is divine.

    religions are more divide and conquer weapons to keep the loosh flowing for the entity that is feeding off us hairless monkeys. shouldnt it be a clue for these fanatics that islam/judiasm and christianity all fight over the temple mount? each claiming their god was there.. hmmm could it be the same entity?? can i get an amen? lol..(saying amen venerates amun-RA) the sun god.

  13. well said zac. as I said on Facebook, religion has been a the biggest detriment on humanity!!

  14. Ali Firdous says:

    Very nice brother, I wished there were more christians like you. Jesus was messenger and prophet of god and never called himself the son of god. He was born miraculous and neither was he killed or crossed but raised to heaven by god and will return soon back . Jesus was the prophet before the last Muhammad.

    Nice video bro

  15. tom kassan says:

    Zach ,I've just uncovered some massive finds. I don't know if you had these before ,but they're huge. I finally can PROVE OKC bombing was a false flag tied to 9-11. In OKC they claimed 168 dead."New York City' =168. Here's the biggie: In the English Gematria system "New York City"= 2337. From April 19th 1995 to September 11th ,2001 is EXACTLY 2337 days !!! 2337! ZERO chance of coincidence. From Feb 26,1993(1st trade center bombing) – april 19,1995(OKC) is 111 weeks,like "New York'.     Here is the best for anyone who thinks the synagogue of satan wasnt behind the 1st World War mass murder: "Synagogue of Satan" = 223. From the 1st day of WW 1,to the end(armistice day) was TWO-HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE WEEKS!!! 223,the synagogue of satan. These are facts that NO ONE can deny……..

  16. Zach, hell is real! That's why it is important what Jesus did, without it next stop for everybody is hell….
    and it's about freewill. You choose.

  17. boom anxious says:

    You are the only person I've ever come across who truly "gets it." Sidenote: Having to constantly explain yourself to people can be a dead-end you shouldn't dwell on. If people don't like what you have to say or what you believe in, then they can go kick rocks. Live your life how you see fit instead of worrying about what others think of you.

  18. piso family wrote the bible

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