PBS Documentary 2016 ~ Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb -Secrets of the Dead || Weekend Special Documentary


PBS Documentary 2016 ~ Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb -Secrets of the Dead || Weekend Special Documentary Join Kathleen Martinez, criminal lawyer turned …


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  1. I'm just curious about her (Kathleen's) clothing. how can you wear that in Egypt? not just her, couple of others are also wearing it.

  2. "Kathleen decides to bring in some…. scientific help."

  3. Heidi Hogan says:

    Wish I could be a kid

  4. Chi Hatcher says:

    Brilliant !!  I can hardly wait to see what else she finds!  I thank you very kindly for sharing this with us.

  5. Charles Wood says:

    PBS has reached a new low with this.

  6. Who the Fuk this bitch thinks she is?

  7. Why is there a dark oval frame around this video? That's not how it was presented originally…

  8. more adds please

  9. georgcorfu says:

    17,13 She says vassilissa (βασίλισσα ) queen in greek

  10. georgcorfu says:

    25,35 How interesting, we all call him ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟ in greek but in fact what is carved on the stone shows that the E is missing

  11. Am I the only one who has a huge crush on Salima Ikram?

  12. PedsterJ2 says:

    Every time there's a documentary about Egypt they white wash everything

  13. PedsterJ2 says:

    Fuck u European bastards die please

  14. if she'd actually meted out the death sentence for smuggling corn out of the country, then her tomb is worth to be destroyed and some useful stuff like toilet built in its place.

  15. Cleopatra is the most insignificant ruler in all of the history of Egypt, she is only famous because one shes a woman, and two because she was of Greek nobility, otherwise, what did she actually accomplish as a queen that is of any significance at all. She really was even an Egyptian, and the Greeks couldn't read hieroglyphs, so interpretation of Egyptian religion and the various cults throughout the nomes was equivocal.

  16. muffin6369 says:

    What's with the picture? Light in the middle and dark around the edges!!!

  17. Would be nice if they found Cleopatra's Tomb

  18. catlady858 says:

    lol oh dear I had to stop after first few minutes that  woman's voice sounds like  mrs swan from mad tv so all I could do was laugh every time she started talking!   hahaha

  19. If anybody knows of an existing video that continues this one, please reply with the link. ^.^/

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