people trafficking


For two months, using, we have monitored movements of ships owned by NGOs, and we have kept track of the arrivals of African immigrants.


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  1. poingpoing11 says:

    You are literally trafficking people yourselves.

  2. Stano Vanco says:

    stupid Italians thinks that the Europeans do not see …

  3. Gaddafi was right. RIP.

  4. kalekotube says:

    WTF! Sink their boats and put these criminals in jail!

  5. 5iF3R says:

    F*cking UN resolution BS.. Look what they did to Libya. Hillary pushed for this shit..

  6. Pouet PLorf says:

    Not a single mainstream media reported this. In France, all of them are just getting their articles written by the AFP a state run journalist agency. This way whatever channel, or journal you watch or read all the articles are the same with some different make up ans in a different order…

  7. TheCoomer says:

    I'm going to have to say it. Because of this, It was a step too far and pushed Britain to Brexit (or rather forced the government to referendum as we always wanted out and not given to chance). This gave other countries hope, America with Trump, France, Italy and now Germany all turning to the Middle (not alt Right as the centre was moved way left over the years).

    I think without the Eu being stupid and not Listening to our warning we would not be on the path to freedom. It's been a small price to pay with theses illegal vermin but in the long run It couldn't of have been worst.

  8. wohlki123 says:

    Mit erscheint dies sehr sehr bedenklich …

  9. Dave Fames says:

    The dumb White trash talking about "karma" for all the wars, the West is in the pocket of World Jewry and they do their bidding especially when it comes to wars.

  10. BoNuL says:

    I am glad these people made it

  11. Kalki Vishnu says:

    This is what AIDS looks like. Once the HIV(Jew) virus disables the immune system it floods the body w/ all form of alien pathogen.

  12. Walter167 says:

    This is SATAN Soross dark army in action…..

  13. Zdenec Hrnec says:

    I don't understand Italian citizens stand and agree on this….

  14. This is quite impressing…..

  15. Elly Christ says:

    VIDEO: Soros-finanzierte NROs des "massenhaften" Flüchtlingsschmuggels beschuldigt
    Deutsche und internationale Hilfsorganisationen sollen massenhaft Menschenschmuggel betreiben, behauptet die sich als Denkfabrik bezeichnende Organisation GEFIRA unter Berufung auf die von fixierten Schiffsbewegungen. Ärzte ohne Grenzen und der deutsche Verein „Sea-Eye“ dementieren dies gegenüber Sputnik, andere jedoch schweigen.


  16. sehr gut gemacht ! Endlich schnallt es einer, denn die Verbrecher sitzen in Berlin !

  17. vieni anche tu a fare turismo in italy……

  18. In official UN Papers about migration. they call it replacement migration…. REPLACEMENT! I also looked at the translated german text.. nothing of that, its called there only migration… strange.. normaly the german language is very exact and juristic!!!! Can somebodey explane me that? why "replacement migration"?! And what is the role of Soros in this big historic event? Please discuss based in facts and please dont be abusive!

  19. freidenki says:

    läuft alles nach plan: mal googeln: "Peter Sutherland, UN-Migrationsbeauftragter: „EU soll ethnische Homogenität zerstören!“"

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