Pharmaceutical Industry Exposed Illuminati Death !! 2015 [ documentary ]


See for yourself the real bad! This is what your government is doing for you , and your loved ones ! They do not care about anything except the killing of people …


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  1. Good stuff Brother!!! Thank u for all the awesome good info and 4 all that you do for JESUS CHRIST and HIS Family. I plead the blood of JESUS over you and ur life. Amen.

  2. AndieRB says:

    I love kent! Thank you!

  3. God put every medicine we need right here on Earth since it's creation.

  4. joe snyder says:

    error 404 utube won't let people sub to conservative or truther channels it always says network error?

  5. Laura l says:

    its not just the pharmaceutical Death Industry, they have linked with Monsanto who poisons our food, the Pentagon in chemical spraying of poisons in our skies, and the corrupt governments that protect them.

  6. GLOCK SLICE says:

    Must watch ASAP!!! The best info !! 

  7. This is scary because a doctor told my sister in law to stop giving water from the bottle to the baby but to start making the formula from the water on the sink cause he said that fluoride is good for the baby's teeth and I got concerned also I saw jimmy Kimmel today and they had this segment about vaccines with doctors or actors who knows nowadays but why r they pushing vaccines this hard live on TV is it because people r finally waking up to their bullshit

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