Pharmaceuticals, ETs, World War 3 – Owen fox


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  1. Thank you all for watching, hope you all enjoy this and have a great day. peace, love, light etc, Owen! 😛 :D

  2. New video folks. 5mins. Hope you enjoy this one. Love, thanks and gratitude, Owen < 3 ~

  3. Mz Bombiidae says:

    Hee hee your rushing made me giggle :)

  4. Matt Offen says:

    Great vid Owen, very true.. Maybe there are good and bad 'aliens'.. Iv had visual contacts with alien creatures on psychedelics, could of just been my imagination I dno.. No one knows the full truth, iv heard alot of good arguments that the earth is actually flat and we've been lied to, very interesting vids here on YouTube about it.. different versions too.. abit like the bible haha, wish u well mate

  5. thank you I am just so tired spending money on HEALTHY I rather be cloned

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