Philosophy of War and Human Beings



Human traits are baffling in their complexity and contradictions. Man’s capacity for ennoblement is equalled only by his capacity for debasement. He can rise to heights of sublimity but also sinks to the most affordable depths of degradation. He might adore God with a fervour which is genuinely angelical on the other hand, he might consider devilish delight in debauchery and sensuality. If he can rise to heights of spiritual grandeur in adore and can even die for his beloved, he can also loathe like a beast of the jungle. Endowed with an intelligence which can investigate interstellar spaces and can weigh the sunshine and the earth, he might remain ignorant of his very own worthy of and latent powers and foolishly abide by a route that will absolutely lead to the extermination of the human race.

War has been with man all through his existence on this planet. As far as our eye can penetrate the haze of the distant past, we see males combating each and every other. Even with the splendid civilisation he has established, and in spite of his wonderful achievements in artwork and science, one particular miracles whether a getting so busy with destroying his type warrants to be named human. It is legitimate that from time to time terrific males have appeared who have held aloft the banner of peace, tolerance and fellowship, but similarly well known males have as normally preached the reverse gospel and glorified war. To Nietzsche, combating was a noble occupation. “Gentlemen need to be educated for war” he counselled, “and ladies for the manufacturing of warriors,” and adds, to make his indicating crystal clear, “every thing else is folly”. Mussolini seemed upon war as a moral requirement. Hitler regarded war as the standard theory of lifestyle. For him regulation was only that which a soldier laid down. In his look at, only people who aid the point out to prepare for war genuinely lead to nationwide culture and social perfectly-getting. “We need to demolish”, suggests Heinrich Hauser, “all people institutions which safeguard peace and stability for man. Life will be secure and straightforward only in an age we phone barbaric”.

Despite the fact that these types of severe sights are now normally despised and ridiculed, there are continue to several influential individuals currently who would not wait to plunge the world in war to settle an worldwide dispute : the good news is they are restrained by the sober males in each and every country. They are also deterred by the prospect of nuclear war which would spell the annihilation of the victor and vanquished alike.

It is a simple fact that the menace of war has not receded from the present world. The plan of brinkmanship practised by some heads of states poses a risk to mankind. It is odd that modern day man who aspires to colonise the moon and other planets can’t address the challenges that confront him on earth.

Let us see whether the Quran can aid us in this predicament. Does it give any productive cure for our social malaise ? If so, how can the cure be applied ? The Quran ascribes two considerable characteristics to God As-Salaam and Al-Mu’min. As-Salaam is the Remaining Who is the source of peace and harmony and Who assures tranquil existence to all beings. Al-Mu’min is the Remaining Who shelters and guards all and bestows peace in each and every sphere of lifestyle on all beings. Furthermore, the way of lifestyle which the Quran prescribes for us is named Islam, which basically indicates peace. It is no doubt legitimate that human beings, by and significant, would like to live in peace. However, the outbreak of violence is by no indicates a exceptional phenomenon. The Quran offers us reasonable assistance on how we can check out violence when it breaks out. If an personal disturbs the peace we can try out persuasion and if it fails, the federal government will have to intervene and restrain him by pressure. Nevertheless, the dilemma is considerably far more hard when a country commits aggression from a different country.


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