Photo: Common Core Inflicts Anguish on 7-year-old Girl

Adan Salazar

“This is my daughter… and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated.”

A disheartening photo depicting a frustrated young girl struggling to solve a math problem is upsetting parents and stirring outrage towards the Common Core public school curriculum.

Photo Common Core Inflicts Anguish on 7-year-old Girl

“I’m a photographer. This is my daughter…and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated.” – Kelly Poynter

The photo shows a determined 7-year-old in tears and anguish after she is unable to resolve an equation using the suggested problem-solving method.

“I’m a photographer,” a caption accompanying the photo states. “This is my daughter…and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated.”

The girl’s mother, Kelly Poynter, says she attempted to assist her daughter, but that she too was unable to comprehend the purported lesson.

“After checking her work, I had found 2 math problems were incorrect. I tried to help her understand where she went wrong through her process but I don’t understand it myself and was not much help,” Poynter says in a post that appeared at, a Common Core watchdog site.

Even after Poynter gave up, her daughter continued to try to wrap her mind around the problem. “I told her to forget about it and we’d try again tomorrow but she became very upset that she could not get the answer and kept trying and trying to fix it,” Poynter says, claiming the photo was snapped inadvertently while clicking through camera settings. “She is hard on herself as she very much wants to excel in school and not be pulled for extra help all of the time.”

Poynter says it’s all the more sad to see her daughter like this as she is a cancer survivor and usually high spirited. “She is a fighter with a resilient spirit,” Poynter asserts. “It crushes me to see her cry; to see her struggle. My daughter deserves a happy childhood.”

Poynter says she’d like the photo’s publicity to go towards raising awareness and bringing “about much needed change in public education.”

On Twitter, parents expressed outrage at the sight of the weeping child and cast blame at the Common Core system.





“The reality is the vision of Common Core proponents is a highly technocratic one, one that does not trust parents, educators and local business owners to actually think through what is best for their children,” Jim Stergios, Executive Director for Boston Based think tank The Pioneer Institute, stated in a recent video highly critical of Common Core.

Stergios explains how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded initiative was sold as a state-led effort, and says that taxpayers and states will ultimately be on the hook for the enormous costs of implementing Common Core. I encourage you to watch and share the video below.

Numerous photos taken by parents demonstrate the utter asininity of the Common Core math curriculum, a teaching method implemented in 46 different states.

Here are just a few examples that might incentivize parents to consider pulling their children out of the federalized, behavior-modifying socialist indoctrination camps known as public schools.







Below is a shock video of an Illinois Curriculum Director giving a teacher conference on Common Core math. She explains children can say that “3 x 4 = 11″ so long as they can explain how they came to that conclusion.

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  1. TheToxicologist says:

    The point is they are implementing a covert mind control program with which they utilize the american education system to mold and shape the thinking and thought process of the youth.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    14 – 8 = 6 Why don’t I see six shaded circles as an available answer?

    Uh? What shaded part? It does not tell the child to “shade” anything.

    Add 26 + 17 = 43 what else is needed? Why all the extra bullshit? A right answer does not need to change a persons way of thinking as long as it is right.

    Is this some form of MIND CONTROL?

    3 x 4 will NEVER equal 11 NO MATTER HOW YOU EXPLAIN IT.

    This is all bullshit to teach children that mediocre is acceptable.

    Why make ANYONE do so much work for so little profit?

    Oh wait! That is precisely what the Elite want in the end.

    Bully you could not pass “Common Core” because you are not allowed to think and reason on your own, so do not expect a well paying job nor enjoyment in employment because as a idiot you are only to be a worker DRONE.

    Nice way to raise suicide bombers.

    Would you want a Pharmacist who does their math as 3 x 4 = 11?

    This is already happening in COLLEGES because they are grading the PROCESS and not whether you get the answer correct. Which may be why there are so many “side effects” when it comes to “modern” medicine?

    I suck at Algebra and graduated with a 4.0 average because they graded on the “process”. I never used it (thank God) and will never use it in real life.

    • charlesallan says:

      The questions are put in a way that makes trying to guess what the tester wants is the hard bit.
      But the substance of the test is easy if the question was framed in simple english.

      So what should be the easy bit – ie understanding the question requirements becomes the hard bit and the substance is the easy bit. upside down – did bush write the questions.

  3. charlesallan says:

    Sometimes the children or adults dont understand the question which is often poorly
    explained – then you give an example and it clicks.\
    Buy extra books and teach your kids extra work ahead of the curriculum.
    Make sure your daughter is not taking mind blowing chemicals such as sweeteners
    MSG gmo’s fluoride etc – put her on an organic diet of meats fish and vegetables.
    Learning needs healthy foods for the brain – animal and fish fats.
    Lots of sleep – get rid of TV – switch your phones off.

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