Pictures Tell the Story: Aftermath of Hamas Rocket Attack Compared to Israeli Airstrike


As Israel and Hamas exchange “attacks” the world continues it’s debate over who the real aggressors actually are.

For their part, the Israeli government has hired literally thousands of paid trolls to spam social media and comment sections with pro Zionist rhetoric.

A photo posted to Facebook this morning paints a clear picture as to who is being hit the hardest and what the hardline Israeli governments self-defense looks like.

When you add the fact that a permanent truce was actually being negotiated before the strike that killed Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari, the true aggressor is revealed.

Sadly, the Zionist Israeli government war machine is now on the loose and threatening to invade Gaza, a place that has a majority population under 18 years old.

Note: It’s also important to mention that IDF trolls are now attacking our Facebook page with the threats of getting us SHUT DOWN for speaking out against the Israeli government. This is the mindset of a hardline Zionist.

The screenshot below shows how the Israeli government routinely unleashes an army of tens of thousands of supporters to SPAM key articles and posts to ALTER public opinion.

Update: We are not PRO Hamas in any way, shape, or form. We also do not support rockets being fired at Israeli citizens but the fact remains that the IDF response has been a million times worse than any rocket that could be fired from Gaza.

We are simply against Zionist war crimes and the bombing of children on a regular basis.

This article originally appeared at The Intel Hub.

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15 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    “For their part, the Israeli government has hired literally thousands of paid trolls to spam social media and comment sections with pro Zionist rhetoric”
    Can you prove this? I hope you can. Because I just think they are religious idiots who bought all that “Chosen People” crap.
    If God wanted them to be on top they would be on top and there would be no need for religious deception or the need to hire religious idiots.
    Kind of like Obama paying millions to avoid the birth certificate issue or turning down Donald Trumps offer of a $5 million dollar donation to a favorite charity.

  2. WhiteEagle says:

    ‘US, Europe complicit in Israeli crimes’;

    My admiration goes to one of the most courageous men; Ken O’Keefe.

    zionism is nazism!

  3. WhiteEagle says:

    So, the HNIC says his master netanyahoooo saw a bottle rocket fizzle out over tel-aviv and decided it’s time to kill women and children in Gaza ?
    What does it remind one of?
    Hitler, who used the same justification, in fact producing his own false flag operation at the border, accusing Poles of committing atrocities against the German minority and invaded Poland involving the entire world into the 2nd World War! No wonder some historians suspected him of having 1/4 jewish, Rothschild’s blood in his veins. How typical…And the end result is Israel still raging wars using others to fight for them. Pity that many cannot see it that way, still worshiping Hitler, who wasn’t even German for goodness sake!!

  4. Guy Vasquez says:

    Hamas attacks Israel with rockets continually and Isreali citizens are hurt or either killed, and the global community does not care. But when Israel has had enough and strikes back harder its an outrage! You people just don’t get it. YAHUAH Bless Israel!!!

  5. Tanya says:

    Tet again another anti Semitic article… The same spirit that led to the holocost.
    It’s ok that the Hamas fire rockets hundreds a week into Israel with the world turning a blind eye then Israel returns once in self defence and is made to look like the bad guy! Typical! Thd gaza strip was land given to the so called Palestinians. what have they used this land for?their people ?NO a rocket launching site as they hide behind their woman and children. Their will be no peace they will not stop til they get the land promised to Abrahams descendants that they think is theirs!
    Don’t be fooled Iran and all Israelis neighbours do not want peace they want Israel.

    • NoTingles says:

      Tanya, your grasp of this current situation, and the history of the region is evidently lacking. Before you join the Netanyahu cheering section and go playing the Anti-Semitic card, you need to inform yourself. And if you don’t know anything about the Holocaust, it’s not appropriate to bring it up, out of respect for the dead, please.

    • jahangir rahman says:

      Ha Ha Ha …anti semitic??? you are trouble makers and spreaders of mischief in this world….the day is not far off when the American public understands what an evil Israeli’s have become…they will Nuke you out of existance. No body else in the world has to do anything……

  6. gary says:

    google search

    Its just about a daily occurrence of HAMAS firing rockets at Israel. I’m actually quite amazed at the restraint from Israel to give these HAMAS folks as much time as they have been given to stop these psychotic rocket firings. Israel is likely to take out anyone and any site that keeps firing these missiles at them, especially since the new once can hit Tel Aviv.

    My advise to Hamas and Hezbollah is to leave Israel alone and to stop training your children to hate them.

  7. DDearborn says:

    Evil is as evil does. israel qualifies are the greatest evil on the planet by virtue of its ongoing 50 (2000) year war against all non jews around the world. Every single country where jewish interests take control all non jews suffer and die. Should billions suffer in order that a few million should be allowed to continue to rape, pillage, burn and murder to plunder more money and more power for “chosen” few? It is time to reevaluate the cost benefit of being israel’s closest “ally” What America needs to do is take all that fire power in the Middle East and turn it on israel to ripe out the root cause of all the terrorism, pain and suffering the world is enduring.

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