Pizza Hut Illuminati Commercial – The Moon Landing Hoax & Flat Earth Reference



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  1. Wow good catch I only saw the Pyramid. Yeah I showed a few people this and they said. Da it's a commercial. Hey nothing is done with out a purpose I told them. Time to go put on my tin foil hat and quit trying to show the unaware anything of significance. Thanks Russianvids.

  2. Hey Russianvids  have you ever heard that the illuminati or the elite can only kill their own when you do the blood oath or whatever you do to join them. That they have to hire somebody to get rid of you. I saw this in a video and just wandering if this is true. Thanks.

  3. Dam the illuminati trying to brain wash me!

  4. tony_ROYmo says:

    Was that a real commercial?

  5. saw that commercial, glad you caught it also

  6. only truth says:

    did you catch the owl at the end?

  7. Matt Smith says:

    Wow this just gives them power, how f-d up is this non sense.  I'm almost shocked but nothing surprises me anymore.

  8. Lisa Feeney says:

    Has anyone seen that commercial for this TBS show called "People of Earth"? It's total alien/demon programming. This cabal is just sick and twisted

  9. Jay Mac says:

    Smh exposure hidden behind humor at its best

  10. notice the alien say marooned : mean trap he saying he trap here on a island some were

  11. Mark Foster says:

    wtf its almost like their trying to make it seem as if flat earth, illuminati and moon landing is a psyop. Its funny knw they talk about every conspiracy but flatearth. Thats the only one he didnt mention. They made this ad to fck with poeple mentally.

  12. Well, well, well. Another blatant jab showing their obvious "uncomfortableness" with how many people are believing the truth now and waking up. Also for anybody who still hasn't seen the classic Bart Sibrel vids, just type in, Bart Sibrel getting punched by Buzz Aldron….and of course, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the moon." Many thanks for posting this TV ad, and for all your investigative work and research. May God bless you and your family. Rachel in Nashville:)

  13. Who'd believe TV commercials would mention "Illuminati" in them?
    But, you have to admit, the guy is quite funny. I actually watched it three times. Is that wrong?

  14. djtik85 says:

    If the deal really had "Illuminati" written all over it, each pizza would be $7.77 or something

  15. Ke Bane says:

    Musk now has "Sabotage" Rumors that his Falcon 9 rocket explosion was due to competitors Lockheed and Boeing! LOL And by noted Washington Post news story:

  16. DHnd says:

    Holy crap! Why of all things use an owl for the transition at 22 seconds? I mean could it be more obvious?!

  17. Paul Olson says:

    Nice owl at :23.. pyramid and eye earlier in the commercial.. these guys are good

  18. Lady Grace says:

    We all know 9/11 was and inside job. You`re either awake or asleep. I know mocking when I see it. Only the suckers that actually eat that shitty GMO slop would fall for this feeble attempt to deflect from the truth. Do your homework people.

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