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  1. The names of the people involved in satanic groups and pedophilia should be arrested now and their names exposed. Why is it taking so long to arrest the evil perverts?

  2. Sharon Hurst says:

    Who is this man? No heads of the FBI retired in March, 1979.

  3. I know we have a corrupt Government. By the way has anyone noticed that his lips aren't moving with the words spoken?

  4. justin magee says:

    time for war no more talk

  5. Mark Snider says:

    Few people know how evil our government is. It has abridged our freedom of speech and has compromised the truth and honesty in the press, and has prohibited the right of the people to peacefully assemble. It has obstructed and impedes the rights of citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It has refused the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. It issues global warrants without probable cause. It has invaded every home, every personal phone call, email and text. Our personal privacy and security has been eliminated without cause or due process of law. It has imposed cruel and unusual punishment which it inflicts upon citizens and foreigner alike. It endorses torture in black ops sites and overseas prisons. It imposes the death penalty on people who have been accused of crimes who were later found innocent .It has created rules and conditions to prevent fair and honest elections. The political system provides only corporate friendly candidates who take legalized bribes. It has silently sent CIA or economic hit men to corrupt or kill heads of state in other countries. The Federal Government has mismanaged our nation’s wealth so poorly that the General Accounting Office has little idea where or how our tax money is spent. Government initiated waste and graft is rampant and has enriched the Military Industrial Complex, the insurance and health industries with highly inflated contracts which in turn they give large kickbacks to corrupt politicians. It has imposed the world’s largest national debt on its citizens without their consent all the while giving congressional leaders pay increases, generous retirement benefits, armed security and free healthcare, all of which they deny to the citizens they represent and serve. It has militarized local police departments and encouraged the police to use force on those who protest the government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. It has tortured, killed or imprisoned thousands of people, both domestic and foreign. American citizens are objects of government atrocities including: The Tuskegee Experiments, The Missouri Mormon Extermination, slavery, the MKULTRA Program, Operation Keelhaul, the treatment of Native Americans, radiation experiments which killed unsuspecting innocent citizens, the 1940 Chicago prisoner infection, Project Paperclip, Agent Orange exposures, Project Thirdchance, Project MKNOMI, the Dachau massacre, the Biscari massacre, the Battle of Okinawa rapes, the slaughter of 200,000 in Guatemala, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation, illegal gag orders on chem-trails, the cover-up of pedophile rings, collaboration with illegal drug organizations, forcing fiat money upon its citizens, Operation Midnight Climax, the prosecution of Edward Snowden and dozens of honest patriotic whistleblowers. It has a well-documented history of insider trading with Wall Street, revolving doors and quid pro quo relationships with large corporations. It has given power and wealth to the large corporations and the wealthy while ignoring and diminishing the income, rights and power of the common man through low wages, unjust laws, high taxes, inflation and neglect of the Constitution, their sworn oath, and the upholding of the principles in the Declaration of Independence. Let us stand together as a group of patriots and put an end to this shit by non-compliance and if necessary, revolution.

  6. Valeria C says:

    what has trump so scared ..he has to do the streets now !

  7. Valeria C says:

    enough is enough now hillary is now mocking trump ..if this is not done now then never will be ..Trump you have to charge these people will need the many involved..people are getting discusted ..Trump you must move now ! now !


  9. Siham Habis says:

    Your one & only chance is to appoint Trey Gordy Gowdy, Shaffetz, Darryl Issa & Jim Jordan who are clean HUMAN BEINGS !!! WAKE UP !!!

  10. People forget that mankind is evil… without God we are worse than animals. Look back in history. What is going on here is nothing new. You are just becoming aware of it so you can choose sides. This is a Spiritual battle. You cannot maintain neutrality, for there are two types of evil in the world; one is to commit the evil yourself, and the other is to stand by, watch and allow it to happen and do nothing about it. I met a man (25 y.o.) a year ago who was a victim of this Satanic Freemason initiation. From what I have gathered, it is called the Rite of Silence. I researched all of this and I felt very alone bc I knew what was happening around me and I knew this world was evil after all of my searching. I concluded that the mass of child abductions in Houston during the 80's and 90's were a result of this. I bought books like 'Pawns in the Game', 'SATAN Prince of This World', 'The Occult Underground', 'Masonry Beyond the Light', 'The Screwtape Letters' etc, etc. What you have to realize is this type of evil, as well as the evils you see around you, are age old. It is a Spirit, it is a Spiritual world. What my research has shown me (The Bible being central), the spiritual world is more real than the physical. Look to even mankind's greatest civilizations i.e. Egypt, Rome, and you will find that these practices, ritualistic child rape and sacrifice, were prevalent and sometimes even condoned by government and societies. One of the Roman Empire's Emperor's favorite past time was just that, he was open about it, and it was known historically to have been like that. So, just bc you are becoming made aware of something, does not mean that things have changed rapidly. It means that a few select people still have a soul. It means that the ppl here on this page who cared enough to look beneath the surface, past the plainly obvious, have found something so blood curdling sickening that they now feel compelled to wage war. The vast majority of society will be complicit, they will be accomplices to these sick f**ks, whether they know it or not, including a majority of the people who actually read this far. Organize now. Do something with your life. Do something for someone else. Everything else is meaningless. Without God, this world is absolutely evil, sick and twisted in every single way. This world is dead. It is ruled by Satan. Christ lives in and with his believers through the Holy Spirit, but other than that, God is not here. This is Satan's domain.

  11. Ron Aigner says:

    Google Franklin Cover up pdf. Read the updates. Columbine most Frightening.
    youtube John DeCamp Mark Taylor to learn of the pedophilia connection
    Google Judi Chases amber alert

  12. It is really bad in the USA Search: ((( Sex Trafficking and Abuse Statistics 2017 )))

  13. Juan Masah says:

    nobody hyjacked any airplanes

  14. LT Lewis says:

    THE documentary video about Johnny Gosch was on Netflix several months ago. I watched it. I don't know if it is still on Netflix.

  15. World oh world. I know your plan, but why does these kids have to be hurt for that! Childrens are innocent, and they abuse these childrens to suck out their innocense for the feeling of immortality. Really old esoteric magic shit, Babylon and the Ancient Greeks did this already, and it started even before Christus in Egypt. But why these childrens, it is our new generation, so dont fuck it up then!

  16. A True Hero Love this Man. Learned of him last yr. Prophecy Club 2 hr. show. They killed him, arsenic dust . Even through a locked car , alarmed home. Tests found poisonous dust on his dashboard and on his home desk. He knows All on Illuminati Agenda He knows everything about Satanism an Expert …….

  17. I would give this man all the Medal of Honor I can hold on to for his COURAGE and for his big big HEART!! THE WORLD NEEDS MANY MANY MORE MEN LIKE HIM.

  18. Where are the demos and placards? Where are the
    demonstrators flooding the streets in peaceful dems? WE THE PEOPLE! We are the
    government not senators and congressmen. Get out there and  demand an end to paedophilia in the US Government.
    Democtrats and Republicans – forget political differences. The FBI and the CIA organisations
    are government criminals and The USA was founded by Freemasonary -what are we
    to expect? We don’t wait for them to do something – we do it, WE THE PEOPLE.
    There are pedos in government, ruling us, and around the world have been raping
    and murdering our children for decades in USA, and for centuries in other
    countries! Those who make the laws break the laws with impunity. Children are
    being trafficked from ‘Sea to Shining Sea’. WAKE UP America. Do you really
    think that top politicians are going to be tried and sent to jail and sink the
    ship they are on?! They will arrest small-time people and the real criminals
    walk away with a spring in their step, then they will praise themselves for
    doing a good job and the cycle of trafficking will just carry on. Wake up
    America, Wake up.

  19. This is Ted Gunderson R. I. P. A good, very decent man. He spoke out the truth but sadly he is no longer around to fight for the children and for righteousness. May God have mercy on trapped, abused children.

  20. This is Ted Gunderson R. I. P. A good, very decent man. He spoke out the truth but sadly he is no longer around to fight for the children and for righteousness. Mat God have mercy on trapped, abused children.

  21. Linka Crosby says:

    thankyou for sharing please save the children

  22. OK ready for the day, and try not to puke, the whole world is evil and I appreciate all the effort from the people who are working so hard but money talks and here it should not ,we need to get these people out of our government. We have plenty to arrest them now let's get it done. Talk time is not doing it any more. Chriz

  23. Azav Taneo says:

    it is not the Pizza Gate alone but the whole idea on which your agencies standing is EVIL
    and in your case, you will learn the truth only after you have lost EVERYTHING !

  24. when and where this speech took place?

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