Plague Inc. Custom Scenarios – World War 3 Flu


Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind. Or the flu will. Whichever comes first. No copyright infringement intended. Plague Inc.


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  1. Thezebraherd says:

    first (not that us matters I just couldn't resist)

  2. Belltoxic 21 says:

    I was just watching your older videos of this series, and was wondering why you didn't do the WW3 scenario

  3. Drakken Zone says:

    Pravus Gaming try the Zerg Virus since you're a Starcraft fan

  4. Xtraior 37 says:

    Hi Pravus nice video

  5. OnlyBro555 says:

    Pravus please reply to this comment in the comment section and video. Pravus what are your thoughts on cooperatives/communes? If you do not know what a cooperative/commune is a socialist libertarian ( a socialist libertarian is a socialist believes in government not interfering but dose want workers controls of the means of production) of business. Basically a cooperatives/commune is business with all profits split between the workers and there is no boss. So thus if you if you want a higher wage than whole cooperative/commune must work to together to get a high wage and more profit cooperative/commune so that means you have to be good at your job or you might damage the cooperative/commune.Which mean greed is dose not exist (or hardly) cooperatives/commune . And all issues in are solved by compromise democratically. I think there is a difference between a cooperatives and commune but I a forgot the differences. And also why are libertarian socialist starting to get popular on YouTube?

  6. Pepso says:

    I love watching these plague inc videos keep it up!

  7. If you don't mind saying, where do you Pravus?

  8. Hal A says:

    A world war 3 would be impossible if Lord Newall is elected President

  9. 43 year world war?
    "They launched a nuke at us"
    "Are they stupid?"
    "Let's not try to cause WW3"
    "But it's already officially started"

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