Plastic World War 3 PART 4


a US helicopter was destroyed by Russian canon over England . in town were surprised by a Russian sniper , they are divided into cities .


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  1. Daan Spiertz says:

    Awesome city you have made man!

  2. Nice work man you guys works so hard with the city how many hours you are bussy man?

  3. @dylan0536906

    1/2 days;)

  4. Nice pyrotechnics, good Russian, and nice video effects. I want more video effects.

  5. dstruxness says:

    Nice! you should make the last battle from "saving private ryan" that would be cool

  6. @dstruxness

    Yea i know it its a great scene with great action!
    Subscribe us for more vids like these!
    But we gonna make a big movie on 31 December!

  7. dstruxness says:

    @TheDnMStudios OK

  8. @joewars66

    Okey man thx for the support and the tip!
    We gonna work on it;)

  9. @caleb121693

    Thx for the support;)

  10. Bjarne says:

    HAHA… This is exellent, and very well done indeed… 5/5

  11. @deeredrengen thanx for your support! sub for more!

  12. @AfterMorningShow

    Haha we hebben oog voor detail 😉
    Nee, ik heet geen Thomas maar Marco en ik maak deze filmpjes samen met mijn vriend Daan vandaar de TheDnMStudios ( De Daan en Marco Studios) XD
    Die trein /tram hebben we geleend van een vriend van ons 😉

  13. sgtnerf10 says:

    "Black Hawk down, Black Hawk down!"

  14. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee legal

  15. zombie3nergy says:

    You have talent you should be proud of you self and your awesome

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