Plastic World War 3 PART 5


a American patrol is tracking trough the deserts of Afghanistan. but they are suprised by a mine. then they come in a huge fire fight with the Afghan freedom …


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  1. Daan Spiertz says:

    Fucking awesome again!!!
    5 stars!
    Nice music!;)

  2. blood effect in bad. try again.

  3. nice!!! keep it up man!

  4. sgtnerf10 says:

    the tank at 1:32 is actually driving with it's backside forward

  5. John Slaven says:

    i really really love this video! but there is something i want to ask you. how did you make them bileangs? thear amasing!

  6. ça pète de partout !Et oui un français regarde des vidéo anglaises X-D

  7. TheSRK112 says:

    youtube got updated and I can barely figure anything out so I was wondering if you made any of these with a winter environment? if not it would be really cool if you did
    Sick Vid! Keep up the good work!

  8. John Slaven says:

    black hawk down music I think in parts but definitely at the end or it sounds lick it!

  9. hy what music of this?

  10. Almost like BLACK HAWK DOWN with tanks.

  11. Neil Gelacio says:

    Black Hawk down music Nc

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