Plastic World War 3 PART 6 (final part)


or the last part of the series WW3 thanx for your support everyone! ; )


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  1. MsSlam77 says:

    Where did you get the army men

  2. Fox FPS says:

    krA me eisine cmo se fz faço iso (tento fazer0desde dos 4 anos de idade hj tenho 13 e ainda ffffaço iso por favor entre no meu face e me mandade a slolicitaçao lah por favor!vlw

  3. Leandre Hill says:

    Cool series dude! Whoever has watched Theakker3B's plastic apocalpse video? Thumbs up if u think this is better!

  4. How did u make those explosions ?

  5. Dssw10 says:

    Lmao this was pretty cool I admit

  6. Owen Demers says:

    Nice job. Where did you get the guys?

  7. Where did you get the enemy soldiers and the explosions

  8. phone_ wolfz says:


  9. mykjob4 says:

    Hey scotsmen shut the fuck up and stop saying troll

  10. Danny Lopez says:

    Dude a are a true special fx person unlike people who just animate the whole thing and you awsome at making scenery. Fucking awsome job.

  11. tommy131188 says:

    The heli looks great! Awsome video

  12. Your army is cooi

  13. Ghost Strach says:

    lol helikopter jest z transformers

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