Plastic World War 3 PART3


Russia wants to plant a car bomb in the subway station of the city of London . But a special team of soldiers want them to stop . But the Russians fight!


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  1. Daan Spiertz says:

    this is the best part!!!
    its just awesome!!

  2. MCYorkieXD says:

    priquimingue a dos pristley giza! xD

  3. Well I'm Glad the US is there providing air support, good work Laddie, you have done it again.

  4. @MCYorkieXD

    In it englisch please lol XD

  5. @hamoudy98

    Well íf i need you i contact you oke Thanks for the helping…

  6. MCYorkieXD says:

    @TheDnMStudios COVER ME IM RELOADING lol

  7. OMG, why its always in WW3 Russian?? And Americans are always the heroes??Do you rly think in WW3 will be a war against the Russians???

  8. where are you find effects?

  9. Qazwsxlion says:

    i think my HEAD is going to explode cause of the fire and explosives in the video. Thats a good thing for some people

  10. ernest 666 says:

    looks more like narco battle but nice video keep it up

  11. Geno McKenna says:

    Shouldn't ww3 be nuclear warfare

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