Playing ‘Iraq card’ again

Gordon Duff

The stories were wrong.  No Iranian forces had marched into Iraq.  While American drones fly overhead and American aircraft carriers stream into the Persian Gulf, Al Qaeda forces – really American backed Takfiris sick of being pounded by the Syrian army – are moving on Baghdad.

Playing 'Iraq card' again

American newspapers are already calling it a “color revolution” while President Obama is denying military aid until he receives assurances of “reforms.”

Were America not totally complicit here as in Ukraine and Syria and, if carefully examined, staging Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria, in car bombings in Nairobi, a small part of a very large list, Washington’s rhetoric might be believable.

Then again, this is the Washington of Senator John McCain, the man who has repackaged Al Qaeda as “freedom fighters.”  What is more important is that no one has said a word, not one word.  What next, a huge memorial to Osama bin Laden in front of the Lincoln Memorial?


America has no troops to send, not in an election year, when petty politics and backstabbing is the rule of law in Washington.  Moreover, the warring sides in Iraq, particularly the Al Qaeda forces that took Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, have more than a few friends in Washington themselves.

American Complicity

After 9/11, Americans were told Al Qaeda was the enemy, out to “destroy our freedoms.”  It was the duty of every Christian, every “crusader” to take up arms against the worldwide threat.  Today it is a different tune, particularly with both the American “right” and the all-powerful Israel lobby.

Only a few short years ago, Senator McCain and his friends on Wall Street and the banking capitols spoke of a “holy war” to save the world from the hordes.  Today, when Christian villages in Syria are ethnically cleansed by Takfiri  “hirelings” on the Saudi payroll, the silence is deafening.

For those unaware, Mosul is the largest Christian community in the Middle East.  Over 500,000 Chaldean Christians reside in the region or did until 48 hours ago, a fact the western press has carefully chosen to censor.  Who do we think the 500,000 refugees that fled Nineveh Province were?

Why would half a million Christians fleeing an army of Takfiri butchers be censored from America’s news?  Why would no American politician or religious leader say a word? Is the power of Saudi cash and the Israel lobby that strong?  If they can hide something this obvious, what have they done before, so many times before?

Then again, the western press has now dropped all references to Al Qaeda from any mention of ISIS.  What were terrorist Takfiris a week ago are now “boyish pranksters.”  Could this be because their agenda and those who “own the news” is one in the same?

Then again, a cursory look at the civil wars in Nigeria, Kenya and Ukraine, all mysteriously involving “Al Qaeda” franchises or “analogs” puts a statistical strain on any idea of coincidence.

America’s actions in Iraq and across the region have been blunder upon blunder.

American Contractors, but for Whom?

Since January this year, American defense contracting firms, not so long ago unwelcomed in Iraq, have been brought back “in droves.”  Ostensibly, the rationale has been the inability of the Iraqi army to hold Tikrit and secure Anbar Province.

The problem is, however, that the American security firms were all selected by political groups seeking autonomy from the Baghdad government, groups tied to tribal allegiances and key state governors with private militias.

Moreover, the firms brought in, many but not all, are those tied politically with the Israeli/neocon agenda, one hostile to the government in Baghdad.  In each case, the firms brought in contracted for services to provide intelligence and surveillance capabilities they never intended to deliver.  In one case, a single billion dollar contract was signed for surplus equipment from Afghanistan that otherwise would have been abandoned and destroyed, a billion dollar contract to supply and service less than five million dollars of equipment of no use to Iraq whatsoever, other than to channel hundreds of millions of dollars to anti-government elements.

Could we call that “full and absolute complicity in material support of terrorism?”  My answer would be “yes!”

Today, those same contractors are fleeing Al Qaeda.  They hoped no one would see the irony.  They were wrong.

Planned Blunders

Not all blunders have been innocent mistakes.  The Al Qaeda Takfiri moving on Baghdad are American, Turkish and Israeli trained, recruited from across the Muslim world, from prisons and street corners, great chests of Saudi cash, CIA and Special Forces training, Israeli and Turkish logistics, nothing here is really “accidental.”

As war in Syria is grinding to a halt, the lovers of chaos demand the flow of innocent blood continue.  A divided Iraq, continually the target of political intrigues, was ripe for the picking.

At best, America can, Obama can claim suicidal stupidity, almost at the level of the Bush administration but then again there was nothing accidental about America’s “suicidal stupidity” then either.  America used to say “Al Qaeda is evil.”  With Syria, that quickly turned to “Al Qaeda is a necessary evil” we have to support.  That soon morphed into, “OK, we are caught, Al Qaeda has always been us but after so long the American people are too tired and perhaps too stupid to care.”

What is generally accepted is that Al Qaeda and its many forms, call them franchises or “offshoots” or whatever, are and always have been the inheritors of the Gladio mantle, NATO’s “war on the cheap” fought by bombers, hijackers and assassins in the inimitable CIA style.

Only a few short years ago, simple false flag terrorism was enough.  CIA terror groups would murder civilians, as we saw in Kiev most recently, then America would demand regime change, waving the “bloody flag” of their own making.  This became so dependable, so predictable that there was even a risk the mainstream media would catch on.

Thus, today when President Obama “washes his hands” of the human disaster in Iraq, a disaster he played no small part in creating, we are asked to see nothing.

Saving Iraq

America destroyed Iraq in 2003.  Recent revelations from Russian intelligence have rewritten the narrative of that time.  It had been accepted that Bush and Blair, in a frenzy of greed and psychosis had decided to invade Iraq in order to steal billions in oil while pocketing their personal percentages of the vast defense contracts that a protracted bloodletting would facilitate.

The new hypothesis is kinder to Bush and Blair.  It cites them as cowards and dupes, blackmailed into warring on the world on behalf of Israel, confronted with threats of “outing” their personal complicity in the theft and sale of weapons grade nuclear material and a far darker issue, very real threats against the US and Britain, threats of nuclear weapons “in place” and city after city learning first hand of the “Samson option.”

Whichever hypothesis is true, and military experts tend toward accepting the latter, the wanton destruction of Iraq and over a dozen other nations has always been “in the cards.”

Today, the “Iraq card” is being played again.  If and when Iraq falls, America may well fall too, President Obama is right about that.  Today CNN referred to Iran as an “American ally.”  Iran isn’t ready for that.  No one should be.

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