Police Breach Private Home and Tase Resident in Nazi Fashion


Police breach a private residence and tase a resident while holding others at gunpoint.

A local resident filmed the police breaking the law and US constitution.

This is a dangerous situation as citizens will likely show some backlash toward law enforcement in the future. Take this particular incidence, for example. Some would say the residents were in fear of their lives.

Police Breach Private Home and Tase Resident in Nazi Fashion

In some states, like Arizona, according to law, if you are in fear of your life, you would likely be lawfully able to defend it at all costs.

So while, these police officers thought they were above the law, deciding to breach the residence, a situation like this might not work out so well for them next time.

In the video one resident states to the police, “I am recording everything that’s happening now”. One cop replied, “We’re kicking in the door”.

The police continued, “Why are you not coming out”.

“Martial law has not been established in this country”, said the resident as police then kick his door down, holding him and another woman at gunpoint while continuing to assault the residents than tasing one of them.


This article first appeared at Intellihub.


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  1. DDDD says:

    Cooperate and the police will not violate your constitutional rights? Cooperating means your giving up your rights, which citizens are not obligated to do. Please, rules are there not only to govern citizens but those who enforce the rules as well, you must be one who thinks that because you enforce it means you’re above it. I wouldn’t have acted the way they did, I would just sue their dumbasses after the fact. I’ll take my reparations in hundred dollar bills please…..

  2. Ltpar says:

    The article/video is lacking in facts and clearly biased against the police. Why were the Officers at the residence? Was there a report of domestic violence at the location? If so, the Officers were obligated to contact the residents, talk to them seperately and determine the valadity of the complaint. The resident was clearly not cooperating and in fact baiting the Officers. Based on the missing content, it makes the Officers appear to use excessive force. I do not see it that way and believe the Officers did what they needed to do. Moral of the story is cooperate with the Police and actions like this will not happen.

    • Bob Spittler says:

      You haven’t been around the block quite obviously….I’ve seen cops walk right up to someone and assault them for absolutely no damned reason under God’s sun…so don’t hand us that lying crap. And, no, we do NOT have to cooperate with any corporate mercenaries in the violation of our Constitutional rights….we have the right to resist by whatever means we have. That said, I will grant you that this video is sorely lacking in background…the people could have simply walked outside locking the door behind them and, depending upon the circumstances which we are not privy to at this point, demanded a lawyer, demanded a warrant, loudly proclaimed that they did not consent to a warrantless search of their premises or whatever—it may even be the cops did have a warrant but that is highly unli8kely now given the sneering disregard and contempt for the Constitution that most leos now have.

  3. Stan Sikorski says:

    The pigs WILL meet the ultimate resistance if they try that crap here.

    • Ltpar says:

      Stan, with that attitude, make sure your Last Will and Testiment is up to date.

      • Isaac says:

        The facts are the police have NO I Repeat NO right to kick door the down and enter home a without a warrant. A law suit will be filed and the police department will pay. Either know your rights or give them away and be enslaved by this system.

      • Regina Igors says:

        Why don’t YOU, Lt Par… get a backbone and stand up for our constitutional rights!! You won’t need a last will and testimony. Get educated on what is happening…..

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