Police Fatally Shoot 16 Year Old Boy Over Weekend


Police Officers shot and killed 16 year old Victor Vialpando this past Sunday in the town of Espanola, New Mexico.

On the morning of June 8, 2014, Two police officers were responding to a suspicious person report in Rio Arriba County, when police claim Victor Vialpando pointed a gun at one of the officers. The cops then opened fire on the teen. Vialpando was taken to a nearby hospital, where was later pronounced dead.

Police Fatally Shoot 16 Year Old Boy Over Weekend

The incident was caught on multiple surveillance cameras, but police have refused to release the portion of the video to corroborate their story. Many believe that from the footage, the boy was seen in possession of a stick and not a firearm.

Victor Vialpando had just recently been accepted into the New Mexico School of the Arts, where he was scheduled to begin classes on Sept. 21, as a gymnast and dancer. The teen was also a teacher at Moving Arts Espanola.

State police are investigating the shooting.


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