Police Shut Down HUGE Car Meet!


The ‘Surviving The Night Life’ meet at Cobham Services, shut down by Police. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YouTube.Adam… The first ‘Surviving The …


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  1. Thumbnail looks like an RC

  2. What's the car at 9:25?

  3. Mike H says:

    That r1 would smoke them ALL!

  4. Tibor Dobos says:

    10:19 Nice rev limit action! :D

  5. HEKTIC458 says:

    They still seem to like their rice over in the UK. There are some nice cars there though

  6. joe dixon says:

    Man that meet looked so lit if it was in a forest it would class it would cause a forest fire

  7. Wesley Holt says:

    it's funny when the police try to shut the meet down and everyone splits up and meets up again at the first meet location :P

  8. jordan baird says:

    Shame your audio is always shite.

  9. jordan baird says:

    So many ricers. Where do you find these shitey meets?

  10. Kwaku Darko says:


  11. What kind of blue was that supra? It was beautiful <3

  12. the lambos gtr and bmws though crazy

  13. Drastic says:

    loooks like a sccccene from innnnnitial D

  14. I was there, such a dope meet

  15. bossracer 9m says:

    helllla skylines

  16. wtf never seen so many Toyota supras

  17. Sick cunt in the m5 at the end made my day. good to see some lads rape there 4.4

  18. Not really huge car meet when you see a smart car

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