Police State America : Cop Blinds Woman With Pepper Spray Gun

truther May 15, 2012 1

These are the people we give guns to , a license to kill, Body Armor, Radios and Performance and Armored automobile, to walk amongst us with impunity? Sickening. When the police pummel a person and we turn a blind eye because we think they deserved it, we condone this. When the ‘good’ officers out there turn a blind eye to the conduct of their fellow officers, because of the brotherhood, they condone this. These officers are worse then the people they are supposed to protect us from.Painful to watch at any time, let alone on Mother’s Day.

It would be nice if these degenerates would get some ‘special treatment’ in prison.This is normal protocol for the ANTICHRIST SYSTEM. This is what MOST Americans want…. and they want it quick. This is the generation that will sit and feast on Tyranny. You LOVE to be ruled by Tyrants….you hate God and the Golden Rule….You got it people! What you always wanted…

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  1. End time servant May 15, 2012 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    What common sense did this make attacking one lady these officers are getting out of hand more and more

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