Pope Francis Calls For A New World Order 2015 (Redsilverj)


Pope Francis Calls For A New World Buy 2015 (Redsilverj)

Pope wraps Ecuador leg of South The usa excursion soon after contacting for new ecological, economic order
http://www.foxnews.com/entire world/2015/07/08/pope-wraps-ecuador-leg-south-the us-excursion-soon after-contacting-for-new-ecological/

Pope Francis: ‘Revolution’ needed to combat climate alter
http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/18/entire world/pope-francis-climate-technological know-how-encyclical/

Puerto Rico’s ‘unpayable’ personal debt: is this the Greece of the western hemisphere?
http://www.theguardian.com/entire world/2015/jul/06/puerto-rico-personal debt-crisis-poverty-migration

The definitely stressing fiscal crisis is taking place in China, not Greece
http://www.telegraph.co.united kingdom/finance/china-company/11725236/The-definitely-stressing-fiscal-crisis-is-taking place-in-China-not-Greece.html

Pope notes: Francis claims the prosperous should not rule the entire world
http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/07/entire world/pope-mass-ecuador-quito/

Greeks crystal clear out supermarket shelves of rice and flour and other standard foods soon after ‘No’ vote in anti-austerity referendum
http://www.dailymail.co.united kingdom/news/short article-3150974/Greeks-crystal clear-supermarket-shelves-rice-flour-standard-foods-No-vote-anti-austerity-referendum.html


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  1. 074august says:

    This guy is the Antichrist. I am Catholic. I know he is the one prophesied by St. Malachy to be the Antichrist.

  2. Mason Dixon says:

    Awesome stuff….awesome

  3. Wanda Obmann says:



    We need a revoloution to combat the lying pope. This is what happened with climate change. When the planet gets warmer it effects the plankton growth cycle. We first had warming which included the whole solar system. Then we had a 40% death of plankton in our oceans. Remember that the ocean is about 70% and the land the rest. after the plankton death we had an alarming rise in c02. If 40% of the plankton dies there will be an alarming rise in c02 and there was. A Jesuit named secchi was measuring plankton levels in the 1850"s. Why the fuck is the vatican measuring plankton levels. Now we know. They have been planning this one for a long time. The end result will always be that the vatican controls the whole world.

  5. Vickie Lynne says:

    Thank God people are exposing him

  6. The rapist pope exploits others peoples wealth, what a hypocrite shill he is. Stop supporting the Catholic Church boycott their churches. Kill it with fire..

  7. Juan Campos says:

    this is so stupid, anytime someone in power talk about change and equality theyre automatically acused of talking about the illuminati, i think change and equality are things everybody want except the rich and powerful

  8. Carrot Top says:

    if the poop is Catholic how come he wears a jew hat

  9. Anna Hale says:

    As a life long Catholic, I do not support his socialist agenda! He is a puppet of demonic forces. Beware!

  10. The pope is a total disgrace. My country Puerto Rico Is Suffuring because of people like him and the NWO sell outs.

  11. SmallyBigz says:

    Of course we need a new economic world order.

    First order of business is to dissolve central banks which have bankrupted most of the world.

  12. M. Herbert says:

    DONALD TRUMP is the only POTUS that could stand up to his NWO mess.

  13. Jesus wouldn't let priests molest children or Ca) anyone but the father holy. the pope does,Catholic church is an abomination

  14. He's the false prophet the dollar will collapse this September

  15. mik ztif says:

    Tell it brother, you are on the right path!!!!That man is nothing but EVIL!He is a HUGE part of the end times prophecy!If people would READ their bibles, and pray for WISDOM?!They would get it!But God said many would be called and few would be chosen!So, we pray for these people with their ignorant comments,That the Lord would call them unto Himself.But God also knows their hearts and how they will behave before they were even born!He knows who will receive His word and who will reject it!!!!!!But God would want us to pray!  KEEP TELLING IT BROTHER!!!!Proverbs 10:12 saysHate stirs up strife, but Love covers all sin!Thanks for telling it, sharing it, and preaching it!God bless you for spreading the truth!  🙂

  16. hugoraphaeli says:

    New World Order – the masonic quest for a one world state with the elite running it.

  17. Joy Seven says:

    Let's get ready! It's about to get real… And soon!

  18. Apollyon8 says:

    Some think the Jesuits are they Illuminati. You have to think, the founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit.

  19. Another vatican bamboozler. Most people dont know what riches rome has acquired. Remember the dark ages and who was in control.

  20. I agree that the NWO planned by the elite is going to serve the interest of the elite.   But I  have repeatedly noticed that messages of Pope Frances are frequently taken out of context, making it SOUND like he supports the interests of the elite.  Personally I  have seen no evidence that he shares those interests.  I think he is genuine in his concern for the welfare of the working poor and the sustainability of the planet.  Now, I am not catholic, so I have no religious loyalty to this man.  I find him to be sincere.

    Now, having said that, I do absolutely believe that the man that fills the office of Pope after Sept 23 will be a very dangerous man who will seek nothing EXCEPT the interests of the elite.  I have been shown a vision of this.  In my vision, Pope Frances is "removed" and another steps into his place.  In my vision I saw it as someone who looked just like Pope Frances.  This may be a look-alike, or it may mean another man stepping in to fill the position.  I think that it is  noteworthy that even though the previous Pope resigned he still lives at the Vatican, is addressed as Pope, and carries out duties of the Pope.  (At least that is what I have heard.)  There is also a man that live in the US that claims that he is the rightful Pope.  And I and I heard a dream of an 8 year old boy in which he first sees the words "Pope Yes."  And then dreams about a man introducing the Pope, by saying, "This is the Pope!"  Then the man immediately put his face into his hands and cried loudly, "NOOOOO!"  (See Utube: Pope Yes, Pope NO!)

    Now, keep in mind that September 23 is the Jewish Day of Atonement.  This is the day that a sacrificial lamb is offered for forgiveness of sins.  What I am going to say next did not come to me in a vision or dream, but rather seems to just be a "knowingness."  This is what I am understanding:  On this day (Atonement Day,) in this year, which is the Jubilee, that we, the citizens of this planet are going to have an opportunity to "vote" for the Lamb of the World (Christ our King) to take his rightful throne here on Earth.  Is this not exactly for which we pray?  "Our Father which art in Heaven, Hollowed by thy name.  They Kingdom come, thy will be done, in Earth as it is in Heaven."  Do we mean that?  Now, this I did see in vision:  God's hand reaching out and stopping the Tribulations of Revelation.  He stopped the destruction of Nineva when people listened to the Prophet and repented.  The entire planet can be spared if we the people choose Christ as King.  When that does not happen, then the door is opened wide and the Anti-Christ steps in.  And this "Pope" –  whomever that is going to be –  will be instrumental in bringing it in.

  21. Mary Lucas says:

    I believe you people let Pope France make decisions for you United States Kigdow this man Country is far away from United States Kigdow, who embrace Pope France the President Obama you brother, and you Christian Church, and who else the members of Illuminated people dear Christian wuke up, do not let the package to Catholic believe, because we are the only Catholic people we not agree and we go against Pope France, this idea from Obama not from Pope France, remember who invented to USA Pope France, President Obama IIUMINARIAS members, who is responsible for this problem Freemasonry wuke up people this problem is concerned to everyone in this Country people. Who knows what first time in this Country make those changes for the future years the president Bush and so on, because you people so visit to find what religions is better than others those president did what they have in mind, so fighting for you Country and send back Pope France were is belong to his Country Argentina, You are the voice for this Country not Pope or Obama, take action, do not let the Government decided for you sometime we need to sacrifice are life for defend what is are belong to us, think about, do not be afraid to confront those people you still have freedoms in this Country, Exhortation tha free before is to late. I believe is we need to die for are freedom why not, but I feel you die for free your family and the rest of human being be possess from people not have eny atorit to you Country why not, we born and raised in, and die free not slave from people from other countries. Requires be smart to bring down this decision strategy, planification ,,and Control for every thing plan. Keep from your self not comment, yes the people want to be responsible for delivering the message, God bless all you.

  22. No one(country or group of people) will try to invade the Vatican. They are a separate entity. There was a documentary I watched quite a number of yrs ago and the camera crew was not allowed into the "chambers" (underground). They have most of the world riches, and most famous paintings. Also, the biggest influence on the sheeple who just want to see that "holy father" say or do something. Get ready for some bad shit when he speaks at Washington DC.. Cuz you know fox, abc, nbc, and cbs will be broadcasting it like it is important news. My guess…..embrace gays with your religion and be tolerant of it, tolerate other religions with yours, (even if it means beheading and killing of innocent people), obey obey obey we are right and accept it.

  23. David Mace says:

    The Pope is a member of the MWO and the Illuminati ( the most powerful Satan worshipping cult on earth ) the unholy trinity: Satan , the last pope and the political leader from the sea ( Obama who is really from Haiti an island in the sea)

  24. But…guys…don't you realize that the problem isn't a Pope preaching about helping the poor and preserving the planet? It's corporate nationhood. You conspiracy people always drive me crazy because ya'll are so blind to the truth STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE. Yes, there is a conspiracy, but it is sourced from the corporate structure which oppresses the masses. I mean, damn, how could so many people interested in the truth miss something so big?

  25. Truth says:

    I like him and respect him but is he the real chosen one? The true Pope must be from Middle east no where else, god has always choosen the people of Middle east to do its missions not others, I don't know how italy gave itself the way to the Pope. Who granted them that? They are disqualified esp. for a nation that killed Jesus, i don't like and trust Italy at all anymore, why should I?
    How those European snakes gave themselves the power to rule anyways?
    I don't even agree with the golden churches of Europe, they are fake and not spiritually real like the churches of middle east which are real churches not made of gold!
    shame on Europe!

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