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  1. Rich Guz says:

    Dude gives me the creeps ? For real ! Bro hope all is well , I'll try hitting you up soon would love to BS ! Much love to you and your mom and dad ! They raised a patriot !

  2. Rich Guz says:

    Something huge is about to happen ! Look into his words ! Get ready !

  3. usergently says:

    From the mouth of the Poop!

  4. areUaware says:

    I think the UN agrees.
    I believe the UN describes "World War" as a war where five or more nations are involved.

  5. Dude I'm holding this puzzle piece called radical Islam…fit it into your big picture boss.

  6. He's lost his precious marxist mind…"All the religions want peace"! Ha ok. Wow. I'm Catholic and I CANT BELIEVE WHAT A BUBBLE HE"S LIVING IN! Maybe they sound re-direct his flight to Sweden and give him a tour of the lovely no go zones set up there by the religion of PIECES…piece of you here, piece of me there.

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