Positive Ruling in Illegal Download Case Deals Another Blow to Copyright Trolls

truther May 7, 2012 0

Copyright trolls like the infamous Righthaven continue to fail in their attempt to intimidate people into settling cases that amount to nothing more than a shakedown for cash.  In fact, Righthaven has had to pay hundreds of thousands in attorney fees and court costs for their frivolous lawsuits.

Now a New York judge, Gary Brown, has joined many others in highlighting an additional failure by those who seek damages for copyright infringement: your IP address is not necessarily you. This ruling backs others around the country according to Mitch Stoltz from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, interviewed by RT in the video below.

The battle rages on, however, as large websites like YouTube, as well as the U.S. Government itself, simply bypass due process altogether and remove content based on accusations alone. Regardless, judges who receive these cases to evaluate on their legal merit — rather than intimidation and force — continue to rule on the side of common sense and personal liberty. Hopefully, this decision to acknowledge the separation of IP addresses from individuals will be solidified against the much greater privacy threat of CISPA.

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