Post Malone – White Iverson


Message Malone – White Iverson ▻Get ‘ White Iverson ‘ on iTunes | Directed & Edited by Van Alpert DOP : Christopher Velona shot from …


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  1. He is so damn sexy & im in love with this song

  2. your stupid is he singing about the real ai like it was his own very disrectfull omg this is fake

  3. this vid need to be tooken down asap

  4. Leo Messi says:

    Post Malone – White Iverson (Y//2//K Remix)
    Ремикс блять в 100 раз лучше

  5. Brett R says:

    me an my homies slapped this a few months back. My one friend put us on to it, and I knew from the first ten seconds it was going to be a nostalgic banger that will stay with us forever. I AINT RICH YET BUT U KNO I AINT BROKUHHH

  6. he looks like he smells like sweat and old ass hotdog water

  7. Jaz Jackson says:

    This is my personal theme song when I walk into Starbucks everyday and get my Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte ✌?️

  8. Shout PolarX says:

    I'm balling in balling iverson on youuuu ?

  9. post Malone hits the Fan! hahahahahaha

  10. Who else envisioned a heavy set, cocoa or chocolate complexioned black dude with 360's in his head, possibly a lazy eye, tatted arms, and wearing a black t shirt and bagging jeans; standing in an all black background and sitting on a bar stool, singing this song?! lol

  11. Carl Haskins says:

    Swear to god I was slapping this like 9 months ago before anyone knew the boul

  12. Celcea Smith says:

    this is a good song

  13. Drake dance ???????

  14. MrTlexify is here OMG

  15. ZipptyBOP says:

    he has no idea what to do with that basketball

  16. What does saucin mean? I'm 33 and I've lost touch with the constantly changing slang. Last time I knew people said flossin lol. I thought this was a young black kid.

  17. SpexMusic says:

    That beat is chill AF, but this song Fire AF…

  18. Willy Massey says:

    he's so better than drake

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