Prepare for the next Great Depression end 2011



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  1. @optical76

    Actually just got back from a trip to Tampa & on both of my flights there & back I hit 2 people who were on the same page as me, one I opened their eyes & when I was presenting my case they asked what kind of silver to buy & where.

    The other gentlemen was already in the same place as me and we ended up talking about the amount of ammo we had stashed, he was great to talk to. Don't run into too many like him sort of like looking into the mirror!

    But I keep trying no matter what!

  2. Bhaltazhar says:

    Fear and Greed wil do the inevitable damage once again.

  3. god help you americans. I've seen videos of the black friday in your country and it's fucking ridiculous… I can iamgine the chaos when the markets will be empty and stores are closing. It's not entirely your fault as citiziens.

    Your country leaders have prety much allowed this shit to happend, but just like some here have said, WHAT THE FUCK are you buying a 800K house for if you only have 20K to put in line and have mediocre incomes? Fucking nuts, noone does that!

  4. @Annihilate3275 Really, whats your address?

  5. pugdogy says:

    @TheDiamond123123 what comes across our TVs is partly to blame, buy buy buy-but pay with credit, I would say most Americans are gonna be in BIG trouble because they actually own nothing including any savings, they are in debt up to their ears-shoot in America you have 4 br 2 story homes with one person living in them-pitiful; the rape of the earth and her resources that America is guilty of is now coming back to bite Americans in the ASS; live modestly and use only what you need a good motto

  6. @stevinie7free 12 Gauge Shotgun Road motherfucker. Come and see me!


  7. @Annihilate3275 I was joking a-hole. I was trying to tell you something..and you just called a female school teacher and mf. I'm not going to take it personal. I just found it funny that you were on the internet giving up your personal holdings. In case you don't realize it, people are watching and a 12 gauge threat won't stop them. Now they know you have gold, silver, and weapons. Nice! Have a great day.

  8. @stevinie7free I was joking too, hence the smiley face. However, because you took that so personal with such a whining diatribe, I am serious when I call you an idiot. Thanks.

  9. @stevinie7free and nobody cares that you're a female school teacher. If anything, I hope you don't behave so immaturely and dense around your students. Have a great day!

  10. it wasn't speculation……. it was an asset bubble inflated by easy money from the federal reserve

  11. MrGchiasson says:

    Most of us will be innocent victims of the perfect storm: A corrupt Washington combined with a greedy sub-prime loan scam from Wall Street. now we have Washington to cover their own asses with moronic legislation…written by Frank-Dodd..they should be in jail..and they're wrining law?

  12. @supragurl336 That should be on a billboard.

  13. Stop saying "we" because that's not true. Some people did, some people didn't. Our problems are the result of corruption, period.

  14. Robert Hardy says:

    ….and waiting….

  15. That depression was horrible…

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