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By Prepare!

There is a new nuclear preparedness guide from the FedGov and sponsored by a group called the National Association of Government Communicators.

Check it out here. It’s in PDF format which means you will need Adobe reader which is free.

In case you don’t have the time, here’s a synopsis of the report.

– A nuclear detonation occuring in the USA is possible due to proliferation and terrorists.

– Such an event would be horrific and communication with the populace by the government at all levels would be important.

– Several suggestions about what to do, i.e. where to shelter, in the event of a nuclear detonation.

– How to deal with decontamination, radiation illness, food and water concerns.

– What to expect from the government at all levels.

– Sample statements for local, state and federal government spokespersons (which was interesting – I hope I never hear them).

There were some very frustrating statements in the report.

– Constant reminders for government leaders to reassure people that all would be well.

– Suggestions that the populace consider volunteering their time or donating to the Red Cross in the event of a nuclear detonation or war complete with URL of related websites.

– The most annoying line “Will shelters be available for people instructed to evacuate?”
“Yes, there will be┬ápublic shelters with food, medicine, etc”.

Reminder – there are no stocked public shelters in the event of a nuclear detonation. They were dismantled years ago and┬ánever replaced.

What was missing? The real responses by the government to a disaster of this magnitude…

– There will be martial law in effected areas if not completely nationwide.

– Despite the fact that the attack came from an enemy, the American people will be the ones penalized. Consider all the actions taken against Americans since 9/11 for our “safety”. Been on an airplane lately?

– Civil rights will be curtailed in a post-nuclear America and probably will be off the table for awhile.

– Civilains will be on their own for most of their needs. The government has shelters however.

An interesting report none the less and worthy of review. I can only wonder why this document and related news reports have been so widely noted lately and can only believe they are due to the federal government’s push for the new START treaty with Russia.

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3 Responses

  1. Richard Sievert says:

    my brothers angels are here i know i seen them they are all around me here our land has been ruined by evil satanist thinkers!
    please believe me I am a good father I know how to fix our country I know how to make us all safe i know how to bring freedom back to our government and once again for this to be a prosperous land but you must allow me to do it please keep cps away from my home they do not know me they do not know my tears they do not know my cries my fears i do not fear bad people angels will kill them!

  2. Richard Sievert says:

    My brothers meat is the mark of the beast if you practice it it gets in your skin you will not be taken in the rapture if you eat it john didn’t eat grasshoppers that was lies he ate grass they changed it these evil satanist people that have destroyed the united states of america!

  3. Richard Sievert says:

    here is a riddle for the armed farmers and hill billy brave men you go to get a licence to hunt but first you empty your bullets from your gun’s the guards do not know the bullet’s are wooden and the bomb is a weapon from satan!
    amen to is three to these people they cannot think for themselves and by the time they get there licence the deer all all gone!

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